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Player Rules

The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
open char
Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
Player Rules
Join Us

Rules were made to be broken... just not these ones.

ALL chars played are to be HUMAN. This RP is not going to be over run with alians and spell tossers.
No player is to be overly strong. Were playing the underdogs here, not the topdog.

Weapons must be OKed before joining, and "finding" them after starting must also be OKed.

Stick to the storyline, but if an idea arises and you feel it will be fitting ask. Adrianna is pretty open to ideas.

Remember where you are! If your one of only a few hundred people left in the country... don't expect to have lavish clothes and or living style. We are without electricity, running water and even ammo is hard to come by.

RESPECT YOUR FELLOW RPers! If you don't, you will be asked to leave the group.

Please read and live by these rules while in char. I can not stress this enough. So long as these few simple rules are followed we can go on to have a great RP. If you have any questions or comments about these rules or would like to make a request of another rule idea submit them to Adrianna via the questions and comments page.

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