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Keeper - Hand For Hire
The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
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Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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Tawakeru Kaijuu

As a man who's motives are entirely unclear even to the people that get close to him. An overal mystery to the government that trained him to be a cold ruthless killer for their own endes. Somewhere along the lines, before the outbreak of the decease, he dissapeared off the governments grids. It was like he hadn't existed.. The only things left were his records and the body count left in his wake from his works in the government. He was an ace sniper durring the assasination days.. When he dissapeared many other government departments were pulled in to find him. For a moment they did locate him but the two agents they sent were found dead 48 hours later. Both shot in the head and strung up with a sign writen in white chalk saying 'Don't come lookin.' He was nicknamed Keeper, because he holds more secrets then Fort Nox held gold. He is one that is said to be cold and calculating, it's also said his loyalties are sometimes as fickles and contantly shifting as the moon. Very good at tracking down individuals over rough terrain as well.


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