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The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
open char
Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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adrianna_underground (12:02:50 AM): *she shook her head and looked to his face as he screamed "shh shh its ok... its ok... he has to he has to to make the wound close....." she looked to Ryan and nodded. she bit her lip and looked to Andon and the girl. she pouted and started to stand up. she walked over to the girl and knelt down and looked to her. " you know your name? whats happening?" she gulped and sat down indian style infront of her as she sighed and looked down over Chase shakeing her head. "... its funny... went for years of no one.. and all of a sudden.. all this.. and more keep comming... and its weird.. some total strangers.. and others.. long known friends." she sighed and patted Chases leg. "His family lived next door to my father and I. i was best friends with his little sister before.. she passed away...

adrianna_underground (12:05:23 AM): Before the plague... they moved away after that and I never seen them again. we were all friends really.. him and his sister and I. he would pick on us and we would always find a way to get him back.... " she shook her head and looked to the girl. "....I'm Adrianna... the girl who went in back is Kaori.. and the one who went outside is Andon... and this here is Ryan... asleep still are Seph and Alex.... Nyoga too... were all survivors... you are now too." <e>

agent_baxter_13 (12:07:52 AM): :; He shook his head slowly taking a peice of cloth and putting it into Chads mouth :; Bite....:; He mumbled as he flicked the lighter making the tip very hot before pressing it against the small slice that had formed on the edge of his stomach the hot metal burned the wound shut on his stomach lining before he stiched up the wound:; (dont try this at home or in any situation)

coldhearted_pyro (12:11:30 AM): More burns went through his body,his body twitch with the sense of the heat.The thoughts that ran through his mind were the ones of hell.What could he have done to have deserved this?This question was unknown to him and probably always will be.

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:15:58 AM): He licked his cold kissed lips as the frosty winds cress them, his body well warmed by his odd apparel. The long coat hung down over him like a shield fighting the wind that whipped through the cracks of the building. His hair taken flight like robins wings as the wind catches his bangs and such atop it. His long to set things right bite colder then the wind that struck him at that moment, he had to amend his wrong doing and justify his sin on the sick and weak. His head hang low as he looked out over the white wonder land. He wonders if the government had keep there promise to all the Nevermore agents, to get there still well and un-sick family out of the country. His lips blew puffs of questioning fog out into the cold air, as he thought of his family his mother and brothe

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:16:38 AM): He need not think of them he had a new family to worry about, he turn looking up at the loft that sat framed in a scene of white. Shaking his head he halfway smile as he heads back up to join them all. As he comes up he looks at the two girls as they sat there talking then to the Doc as it where. His lips part as he says in a harsh tone‚&#8364;¶" You better keep him warm, and pray that he does not get infected‚&#8364;¶ without the right medis no amount of prays gone save him‚&#8364;¶" He knew very well if the bullet had struck his stomach the likely hood of it getting infected was high‚&#8364;¶ and if it came to getting the need medis he was one of the only ones who knew where to get them. Most hospital hand been burned down by Nevermore, the only one still standing was well hidden and not far from

shusauna_survivor (12:25:19 AM): *She listens to Adrinna's words with still quivering lips, her eyes on the ground. She does not realize just how cold she is, that it is likely she will be sick latter, if not hypothermic. All she knows now is these woman's words. The speech of another human being...relating. Her shoulders spasem as if she had quelled a motion when Andon passes them, placing a name to his face as well as the others that lay stand and sit about her. When Adrinna stops speaking Shusauna's pale lips part in soft words* Shusauna Louden...*she pauses, licking her lips* My name is Shusauna....*she repeats, confirming the fact more to herself then to anyone else.<c>

shusauna_survivor (12:25:21 AM): . She has an incredible urge to reach out and hug the woman sitting infront of her, and not only because it is the first person she has spoken to in nearly 3 years...but also because of her kind voice and encouraging, remanisant words*<e>

adrianna_underground (12:31:11 AM): *she smiled softly and nodded "well.... welcome to... what has become a little bit of a family here in the eye of the storm." she looekd over her shoulder to Andon and blinked. "can you grab some water and soup from that box... she needs some of it... and another blanket...." she looked back to Shu and smiled. "You hungry Shusauna? "she blinked feeling alot better herself knowing Ryan had saved Chase, and he would live. now all she had to worry about was keeping him and alex from eachothers throats when they were both better.

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:37:41 AM): He turn and grabbed a few blankest placing them over the freshly dressed man, as he draped then he say with a grin‚&#8364;¶ "Go to sleep... the next few hours are going to be hell. Your bodies got to do its thing ‚&#8364;¶ and man is going to suck." Turning he looks back to the girls as the words start pouring from her mouth, she was home just like many of the survivors here. They all had a reason to go on now and past this wall that would stop them alone, his eyes look up to her as he is address nodding. Grabbing another blanket and some caned soup he takes it over and hands it to her with a half smile, nodding to her. His soft lips part as he says ‚&#8364;¶ "It's not much but it's not nothing too‚&#8364;¶ Andon by the way‚&#8364;¶" He patted her on the shoulder as he turns slowly his long white coat flowing out glorifying..<c>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:38:54 AM): every one of his movements. His eyes watch over them as he grabs an old bottle of water taken a deep drink of it as he lays his head back on the wall. A deep sigh roles of his tongue and over is lips as he sinks down to the floor resting his legs. <e>

shusauna_survivor (12:43:15 AM): *she nods her head when asked if she was hungry. She had not eaten much more then beef jerky and snow in the last few days. She wraps the blanket around her self imedietly and holds the can in her hands, reveling in the weight of it, anticipating it filling her stomach. She lifts her eyes to look at the man, Andon with a smile *Thankyou *she manages to hold her self in place when he touches her shoulder, not to shy away as is her instinct. She looks back to Adrinna, licking her lips before she speaks* you here...together? Your friends? *her eyes wander over the now resting figures*

adrianna_underground (12:46:55 AM): *she chuckled and shook her head "half these people pulled guns one oneanother at first meeting.... " she looked to andon and smiled "I pulled one on him.... Ryan pulled his on me... Seph on Ryan, Kaori on Nyoga.... " she laughed "but, the minute we realized none of us were agents.... the guns came down and we did become friends in a way... we had to. strength in numbers... and when the numbers agenst you... you get what you can.. otherwise you might as well count your number up." she nodded and sighed. "consider us all the eyes n the back of your head.. and vice versa" she nodded.

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:52:52 AM): His head lay back on the wall as it pushed back on his head like a even balances his head rest still. The robin winged hair drapes over his faces blocking out parts of his eyes leaving them looking as if to dieing stars in the emptiness that was his spacey hair. He watched the two get to trusting one and another, there lips passing kind words and questions among them. Sitting still he lowers his eyes on the old bottle of water as he roles it from one hand to the other, watching the water slosh around in the clear plastic bottle. He was a number a powerful one too, he could easily keep them safe for a good time out of Nevermore ever watching eye.. but it took more then a powerful arm, it took a kind heart and a wise mind. They had it all every part it would take to see there dream...<c>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:53:22 AM): come true, now they must get the rock a rolling as it where. His head picked up as he smiled at them hearing about the coming about of each and everyone of them, his eyes drift to the quit new girl she was lost like he was but soon she would find her places here. <e>




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