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The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
open char
Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (12:05:44 AM): "Yes, as if one or one hundred of us could actually manage to take out the agents. We don't have power, we have little food, and next to no weapons." ::He rolls his eyes a little.::"I'm not as stupid as to believe that I stand almost any chance on my own." ::He sighes a little. He amply clutches the handle of his silver case.::"Besides, what are we going to possibly achieve in trying to get to Canada?" ::He turns looking at Adrianna. He was begining to struggle for once, trying to find a solution to a problem that was presented to him, thanks to Kaori... What was he planning to do?::

adrianna_underground (12:16:12 AM): *she sighed and closed her eyes deep in thought as she thought of a way to put this lightly. "well... in canada is a scientist... and he might possibly beable to form the antidote needed to heal the land so no more can be plagued by this... plague... " she rubbed her eyes a bit and sighed. "when the plague was made their was a formula for its creation as well as its demise.... which means if we can get to this scientist.. he can use the formula for the anti plague and start this nation up again.. however... canadian officals aren thrilled about going into a plagued territory.. once the antidote is spread... America will more than likly become the united states of Canada.... and every officer in the so called US forces will be tried for war crimes... have I confuzzed you both yet?" she look she looked back and forht between the two of them holding her bag tight in her arms <e>

clandestine_spy_kaori (12:24:26 AM): She nodded her head. "I won't say completely confused, but close enough, if anything i at least knew a little about there having been a cure. I remembered hearing something about it after i had managed to bug one of the offices at the facility. The rest after that...well i don't care who belongs to what after this, as long as there IS an after to all of this. So i say the sooner we get to that scientist the better. Especially if this plague is still spreading, because i'm sure if it keeps spreading like it is, there might not be much to save in the first place."

shusauna_survivor (9:37:02 PM): *A pale girl runs through the snow, running frantically and breathing the strangled, panicked breaths of someone who is just about ready to collapse. Despite her obvious fatigue she is fast, her image little more then a blur as she runs by. It can be seen that she is carrying a back-pack and a metal pipe about 4 feet long with a u-bend corked on the top. She she takes no notice of what she passes, to panicked to care and to concentrated on not slipping in the snow. She sprints blindly, carrying four agents in her wake*

coldhearted_pyro (9:44:55 PM): The peircing cold ran through the mans body.Blood snow surrounding his body while new flakes begin to cover him up and the red snow aswell.His once blonde hair stained with snow,a couple of his braids hangning away from his head.He wore a black jacket and baggy black jeans.His left placed on his stomach where blood ran through his fingers,seeping out and leaking into the snow below and next to him.He layed in the path of the one running,if he wasnt seen,which he was noticable,she would trip.

shusauna_survivor (9:51:11 PM): *Despite how noticeable the bleeding man is, the girl only notices him the very moment before they collide. She turns her attention away from behind her, searching for signs of the agents, just in time to see herself trip into what seems a sudden apparition in the snow. Her only thought is that he is another agent, that she has been trapped, and once they hit the ground she scrambles to stand again, only to slip in the snow. She is forced to stay down, her lungs burning with the cold air and her legs on fire from her sprint. She raises the pipe in defense, staring at him with a feral sort of fear*

adrianna_underground (9:52:03 PM): *she pouted and went after Baxter, leaveing her bag inside on the floor with the book in it. "Baxt... RYAN... wait." she grabbed his hand from behind trying to stop him. "C'mon.. your talking cra... your... your like us.... exactly like us. you just dont know it yet. dont leave us. we need you. you need us.... now.... dont go running off.. its dangerous. and snowing now."

agent_baxter_13 (9:55:29 PM): You could never know.....:;He seemed to have fallen back into his mind for a moment and it was at moments like these that he was compelty sane and nothing not even his words seemed at all altered by the damage the atempts at a cure had caused.:; I killed them.....I'll kill you.....were all going to die....I wont let you. Kill yourself :;He breaks from her grasp and pushes her into a snow drift dashing off before she could grasp him again::

coldhearted_pyro (9:55:42 PM): His eyes opened slightly,he went to look at the one that had collided with him,but as his eyes began to meet her form,they rolled abit and his eye lids sank down,the man passed out for such great amounts of blood loss.He had been shot by an agent.The agent left him there cruelly sit in pain and agony.Slow and painful..a death unseen by him,but yet desereved for his life.

clandestine_spy_kaori (9:59:33 PM): *She stood not to far off from the loft rubbing her bare arms as she paced back and forth in the snow. She had come out just to check around the perimeter and make sure there were no stray agents wondering on to their position. Of course she was without any real warm clothing she mentally cursed herself for being so ignorant and coming out here in the snow. Hearing voices she turned just in time to see baxter pushing adrianna into the snow. She made her way over offering to help Adrianna up. "What's going on here?"

shusauna_survivor (10:03:16 PM): *When she calms down enough to realize that the man is not moving, that he has passed out. She sees the blood in the snow and her mind races. If this man is an agent...then he couldn't have been shot by one of his own...but who else is there. The agents are shoot there own now! They've gone mad! She struggles to her feet and looks around, her pulse racing and her hands clasped, whit-knuckles, around the pipe, un-able to make her body run anymore. It does not even occur to her that he isn't an agent, she as learned to expect that everyone was out to kill her*

adrianna_underground (10:04:04 PM): *she pouted and watched as baxter.. ryan.. whoever he really was inside, run off into the snow. she let Kaori help her up as she dusted the snow from her clothes and sighed. "this plague even plagues those it dosent infekt.... plagues the mind with such things.... " she looked to her and shrugged with a sigh "c'mon... I have some warmer things inside.. hopefully.. he just needds the cold air to cool him down..." she held her arms over her chest and shivered as she started back into the building.*

agent_baxter_13 (10:08:03 PM): :;Something in him aparently had broken again but this time it had broken to the point that it actualy fixted him if that is what you had called it perhasp he was happier insaine at least then the ghosts that plagued him didnt come to say hello. He could feel the hands of the innocents he had killed pulling at him he could hear his fellow soldiers screaming in pain and killing themselves to end it. That was when he saw something. He dropped down he realized he was far from Adrianna and there was two people before him a man and a woman some distance away. He was stalking them like the hunter he it came naturaly to him but he didnt want to kill them....not really anyways:;

clandestine_spy_kaori (10:11:11 PM): *She looked back at the direction baxter ran and shook her head, following adrianna inside, blowing in her hands occasionally * "I hope he does cool down. This is a very tough time, and it's times like these everyone has to stick together. If anything, just for survival, because as bleak as the future looks, it's hard for the mind not to break under the stress." Stepping inside she shook off the remainder of the snow and stomped her boots.

coldhearted_pyro (10:12:34 PM): Night began to approach slowly,the winds picking up,the snow fall becoming much heavier.Vision would be blurred easily,you couldnt see much more than 5 feet in front of you now.If Chase didnt get to a hospital,or to someone who could help him soon,he would die.He continued to lose more blood as time went by.

shusauna_survivor (10:16:35 PM): *Shusauna stands over the bleeding man still, holding her makeshift weapon up in defense, her eyes fixed on the direction she had been running from, but she does not see the agents...perhaps she lost them. She does not let down her guard just yet, but does allow herself to look down at the bleeding man again. The questions plague her...why would an agent shoot another? Could there be others? Had she finally found another...was she going to let him die? Cautiously she kneels down in the snow to get a better look at him in the dimming, snow-speckled light. She does not even notice Baxter in the distance*

adrianna_underground (10:19:07 PM): *she knelt down infront of a large trunk and opened it, inside were wraps made from thick cotton, to keep warm in weather like this of course. She sighed and pulled a few things out, she walked back over to kaori and handed her some still looking at the door. "why am I so worried... hes better with that gun than any of us other than maybe you and ANdon.... yet.. somethings just eating at me., i dont get it." she sighed and turned looking to Alex, still asleep since last night, his wound redressed and healing as he rested. Adriannas head shakeing. "as soon as hes better... we can start planing our move... since its winter.. we might hide here a few good long weeks and head out in early spring.... a month.. maybe two.... I know a place we can get to for food.. " she looked back to the door.*

agent_baxter_13 (10:23:21 PM): ;He had blacked out for a period of time apparently for when he came to he was in his calm down stages. he found that he was kneeling before three agents. It came to him as he glanced at there wounds that he had killed them it was flashes of immages but they were the best he would get with his ravaged brain. He pulled the jackets off the three agents placing one on himself and wraping the other two about his rifle. He seemed to appear behind the woman and snatches the pipe away with one hand. He shoves the barrell of his rifle agaisnt her chest and glances into her eyes:;

clandestine_spy_kaori (10:27:20 PM): *She donned to thick apparel grateful for the warmth seeing as the loft was exactly equipped with a heater. Sitting on the ground crosslegged she blew into her hands again taking a glance back at Alex. "He looks better." She commented before she went silent for a little while. "Baxter...maybe just has his own demons to deal with. I'm no shrink, but i think he's strong enough to come out of it."

coldhearted_pyro (10:30:56 PM): For a brief second he came to,his eyes spotting Baxter holding a gun to the chest of the woman.He,himself didnt not have to worry of being shot appearing as dead as he was.It would be a godsend to get shot and have his pain placed beneath the ground.But he wanted to help her for some odd reason.The man was cold hearted so this came to rare occasion,but he had no energy to help and he was badly injured,almost dead.

shusauna_survivor (10:32:44 PM): *When the pipe is so suddenly snatched from her hands she freezes with a sharp gasp. They've found her! Her eyes roll up to look at the man's face, her eyes frozen in fear. She swallows hard and lifts her hands up, open-palmed, to show she has no other weapon, her lips moving frantically in silent prayer. She is trembling viably, her lip quivers as she recites the words, her eyes not leaving her attacker. She sees no chance to escape, even if the gun weren't pressing on her chest there is no way her legs will carry her at any sort of fast pace. She had all but forgotten about the apparently dead man at her feet, but she dare not take her eyes from her attacker*

adrianna_underground (10:34:18 PM): *she sighed with a nod as she sat beside Alex brushing hair from his face. "yeah.... on both counts. Alex will be just fine and baxter... " she looekd to the door. "He'll do the right thing.... I know it..." she looked back to alex and sighed wishing he would wake up. unable to keep still let alone sitting she got up and walked to the door. "i gotta go out there.... something isnt right....."

agent_baxter_13 (10:39:14 PM): Do you care....?:; He glances down at the man lying before her then back up at her eye:: can you care? ::He glances between the two of them again this time his voice was in a demanding tone. He gave up sencing her fear and pulled the bolt from his rifle and tossed her the weapon. He mumbled 'stock' as he kneeled before the man on the gorund and removed his belt and jacket placing it over the wound tighlty and using his belt to stop the bleeding:;

clandestine_spy_kaori (10:41:13 PM): *She stood up as well and nodded. "I'll go with you, just in case." She left the loft after her back into the snow and chilly wind. "Damn, can't even see three feet in front of me." She winced into the blanket of white as she began walking. She strained to see if she could at least hear anything figuring she'd have to rely on hearing rather then eyesight for the moment. "Can you see anything adrianna?" She spoke through her cahttering teeth.

coldhearted_pyro (10:43:16 PM): The wound around his stomach was wrapped with a jacket and tightened with a belt.The bleeding began to slow down,maybe there was hope for him after all.Not knowing what could happen with his life right now,he hoped to live.He may have not had a reason to live but he wanted to right now.

shusauna_survivor (10:45:49 PM): *When the man speaks she winces, as if the sound of his voice had been the gunshot she was so intently predicting. When the weapon is back in her hands and his brief words finally sink in she falls into a torrent of stutters**She bites her lip to stop the rolling nonsense and looks down, watching as he patches the bleeding man. An agent does not let anyone go...nor do they help the injured...she feels her heart leap into the throat and she nearly faints from the sheer confusion of thoughts that run through her head, the emotions that flood her heart. The contents her self to kneel down besides the two men, looking for anything she can do to help*

adrianna_underground (10:52:07 PM): *she narrowed her eyes and shook her head. "christ.. I cant see shit.... " she bundled her clothes around her more for warmth and shook a bit groaning. she wanted to call out but that could kill them... so she just walked and made sure her and kaori were no more than a foot from another. her squinting eyes took her to a sudden stop. "th.. theres more than one... I.. i think I see Ryan... but.. i .... I cant tell..." she started walking faster, a hand on her gun incase., shes faster, closer, her voice calls out. "Ryan.... " she sees its him.. then a figure standing behind him.. a girl... and another hes hunched over helping.... she couldent tell faces however, the snow was to much. "c'mon... get him up and back to the loft.... " she looked to the girl and reached her hand out. <c>

adrianna_underground (10:53:55 PM): "I'm Adrianna.... why dont you come with us.... where its warmer.. and safe..." she knew the girl was scared, she was shakeing more from fear than cold. she took one of her frocks and drapped it over the girl and nodded to Kaori. "wanna lead us back?" she then looked to baxter and nodded. "I knew you were gonna do right...." <e>

agent_baxter_13 (10:56:21 PM): ::He tried to speak as well as he could already understanding that the girl beside this man was obviously nearly hypothermic.: Move out....too cold. :;he taps the butt of his rifle with his foot showing the jackets he had wrapped there. :: cant carry..two ;he glanced at her then picked up the downed man and careful walked on following Adrianna back to the loft keeping his head down and his eyes upon the snow. It was like he was withdrawing from them it seemed he only helped because he had to:;

clandestine_spy_kaori (10:57:15 PM): *Her own hand reached for her gun but stopped short seeing that neither of the three were in any threatening position. She nodded to Kaori turning back around trudging through the snow. The newly falling snow was quickly covering up their previous footprints but the trek back to the loft wasn't a very far won so they would be alright. She periodically took glances behind her to make sure eveyrone was still there and a little short of 10 minutes they were all back at the loft. She pushed open the door and stepped back making room for Baxter to enter with the wounded person in first.*

coldhearted_pyro (10:59:51 PM): Light at the tunnel begin to disapate,life might just aswell be brought back to him.He was lifted up by Baxter and was being brought back to the loft.Night began to approach them,sight being more blurred,it appeared as if a bad blizzard was about to engulf them,leaving them trapped in this loft they had been heading towards.

shusauna_survivor (11:04:09 PM): *She stares at the Andrianna's hand a long moment before taking it and stands. She wraps the frock she is given tightly around her shoulders and takes up the gun and coats as she is directed by the cold sounding man. She falls into step behind them all, following blind now, another silent prayer on her lips. There are others...other human being helping each other, living with each other it would seem. She can not contain her joy, so between that, the burning of her lungs, and aching of her legs, and sharp pain of her cold flesh, tears roll down her cheek as she steps into the loft*

adrianna_underground (11:09:21 PM): *she shivered leading the girl, she wasnt much younger than she was. she seen her tears and put her arms around her back and nodded "yeah.. I know how you feel right now. do you have a name?" she asked as she lead her up the steps behind Ryan Baxter and the stranger he carried. as they got inside she looked to Andon as he came out from a back room and looked to them with suprise. she nodded and smiled "guess what we did today at school pa." she joked a bit before moveing over to baxter "lay him down, Alex has a medic bag I can go threw... anyone good with medical tools and... stuff.. becasue I sure as hell am not."

agent_baxter_13 (11:15:33 PM): ::He lies the new man onto the ground as gentely as he can knowing how bad wounds like his could become if given any misstreatment. He glances around the room he had only done the wrap of the wound based on instinctive training now he was unsure if he could help he was once agian lost. He stood up and took his rifle from Shusauna poping the bolt back into place:;

coldhearted_pyro (11:17:58 PM): Once layed down,his eyes slightly rolled back abit,his eyelids slipping slightly open,his heart beat beginning to slowly descend,he wasnt doing to great at this point.They would have to find someone to work on him and someone fast or he would die soon enough.

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:19:49 PM): His mussel flexed as he rose up, his back joining as he moving pushing of the window ceil under the tight under suit he wore. They moved as if colliding lands upon a sea of skin, they rose as they meet the mussels define his body like deep crevasses in the earth. His arms lay bare but fore the bandaging he wore on his left arm to hide the Nevermore tattoo, the marking he hates that brands his skin. His ears pick up the faint sound of foot steps coming up the stairs, they sound heavy and unlike his fellow friends. Without thought his hands traced back to the two .45 special that lay on a holster on his back, his hands ready for a quick draws as Adrianna came up the stairs with a new girl in arm. Lifting a brow he nods not sure what to think his hands free from the guns like snakes

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:20:05 PM): uncurling from a ready to strike position. Moving to the side he leans back as he grabs his coat sling it on, as it cascade down his body like the waters of a fall. It adorns him like the fresh snows of whiter so pure and white all driven clean by the hard winds. "Well look what the cats dragged inā&#8364;¦." He brush his robin winged like bangs from his stormy sea colored eyes to look on the two new faces, a faint smile playing on his faces. <e>

shusauna_survivor (11:22:56 PM): *She stands stiff even as the woman wraps arms around her. When Baxter takes his weapon from her she lets her eyes fall to the ground, clutching her pipe to he like it were her only anchor, and it very well may be in this torrent of emotions. She is unable to disconnect herself from her own thoughts and attend to the matters at hand, she does not even offer her name when asked. She simply stands aside, out of the way, and listens to the people around her, not trusting her self to raise her eyes and have a look around her just yet*

adrianna_underground (11:24:39 PM): *she grabbed the medical bag and started looking htrew it, she sighed and looked to Baxter as he took the rifle from the girl. she stepped over and looked up to him. "...stay ok.... I told you we needed you.. and... I want blowing smoke..." she sighed and looked to Andon "you have any idea how to do any of this.. he'll die unless." her head turned from Andons to the man on the floor, her eyes grew wide, her sentence stopped. she dropped the medic bag from her hands and covered her mouth shakeing her head to stiffle a whimper it seemed. she stepped closer shakeing her head, she gasped a breath and knelt down shakeing her head. she had no idea who the man was out there in the snow and it didnt bother her, now inside, she seen his face, his hair. and not only did she feel herself leap from<c>

adrianna_underground (11:26:43 PM): its skin but she felt her heart thud harder and harder. she gulped and looked to his face in shock as she spoke. "....Chase....." its all she said before reaching for the bag franticly and digging into it. "we have to save him! we have to hurry! he cant die! he cant! c'mon! someone help me god damn it! he needs help.. or he'll die... just.. just like everyone else.. just like.. like tina..." she looked to Andon and Ryan. "Please?!" <e>

agent_baxter_13 (11:38:27 PM): :;Ryan rises up slowly closing his eyes for a long time before moving over to the body and pulling out a combat knife he presses it up against the mans stomach then sliced off the shirt he was wearing and carefuly tilted him examing entery and exit wound. He cocked his rifle with his foot and caught the unused shell then biting down hard on the bullet he eased it out and pored the powered onto the exit wound wich was a simple flesh wound. He He lit the powder with a match and the exit wound sealed up.he flipped the man back onto his back and examinedthe wound closley.;; Edge cut.....bullet jacketed....nothing in.....hollow point would be nothing left....un jackated would hit bone and shatter...nick on spine....un serious........stiches.......lighter and stiches........

coldhearted_pyro (11:43:00 PM): As Adrianna spoke,a light appeared,and some how,her face appeared,it seemed as he was in heaven for a mere second,hearing a few words of hers here and there,but then he felt the exit wound,the burning flames of hell now he thought,but yet it was just there to assist him,not kill him.

agent_baxter_13 (11:44:05 PM): (post to explain baxters Ok here is what he says in full thoughts. "The bullet caught the edge of his stomach. The bullet wan't hollow point because that would have obliterated his stomach....there is a nic on his spine where the jacketed round exited if it were a standard bullet the round would have shatted in him when it nicked....end post to explain post: )

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:51:56 PM): "I going to check if you where followed" you look like you got all this in control" He had no clue on medical practices he was a trained killer, he was never taught to save lives just take them. His coat flapped like the wings of a grounded angle as he turn on his left foot stepping pass the new girl, his eyes drift up as he passed her. They looked on her for a brief moment as they fade like the retreating tied as he stepped out on to the stairs. He new just how to take care of himself, how to mended his own broken and shot up body. He moves down the stairs quietly and out into the streets as his stormy sea colored eye look out over the ghost like city. His coat blows on the breezes that pass through the empty streets like that last few breaths of life on a dieing mans lips.

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:52:15 PM): stood there a good time watching well out of sight, finding it al safe and clear he heads back up and looks on the now fixed up man. Tossing the Doc a towel he nods to him. "Looks like a Frankenstein special to me" His eyes narrow as he turns and walks out standing in the hallway looking out over the city, he was a part of all this yet he felt like he did not belong. In fact he had most likely killed many of there family members, before he changed, if they knew that they would sure kill himā&#8364;¦ even if he had decide to fight back against Nevermore and stop all the agents. <e>

shusauna_survivor (11:59:28 PM): *She knew little on healing and was glad that the strange man with the short words had taken over. She gets the courage to pick her eyes up off the floor just in time to see Andon's stormy orbs, from which she quickly looks away to watch the rest of the group. Where had all these people come from? But of course that didn't matter, what mattered is that they were working together. Perhaps they have a purpose, a reason to live and work together like this. She certainly hoped so. She stays back still, not wanting to get in the way, keeping her eyes mostly on the injured one, waiting until she can contribute too*





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