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The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
open char
Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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alexander_survivor (12:05:57 AM): Alexander Tosses some Eclaires to Kaori, "Enough preservatives in them things to keep em edible for 50 years, tho the chocolate might be a little powdery." He sat ac and leaned slightly on Adrianna's sholder closing his eyes, "mmmmm chocolaty goodness," he mumbles. "What brings you here anyway, you don't loo like your typical survivor." His sarcasm clicking in as it often did around just about anyone, the time as a docter had been plesent enough but reating people with the plague, knowing there was nothing to be done was what ate away at him the most for the last three years. He opened his eyes again and looked at Kaori questioningly, his eyes blood shot and his temperature rasied. He felt like crap but like shit was he gonna lower his guard no matter how comfortable Adrianna's sholder <c

alexander_survivor (12:08:11 AM): was. Alex nibbled some more on the ration and raised his right hand to his eye, rubbing the sleep from it. He was becoming a little more alert now tho he found he was slightly cold, probably threw blood loss, he began to shake a little but attempted to hide it.<e>

clandestine_spy_kaori (12:13:19 AM): She caught the Eclaires opening one up and taking a bite, letting out a blissful sigh. "It's been a good couple days since i've had anything remotely edible." She finished it off relatively quickly, already feeling a bit stronger just from the little sustanence. "Well i am, or rather was a spy, usually my work dealt with the government and other such high authorities. Well i had been assigned to get information on this secret weapon, of which we all now know was this damn plague. Before i completely finished the job the thing was released and i made myself scarce for the time being. Now i'm out looking for any information i could find on this plague pertaining to a cure, seeing as i'm quite fond of living and don't feel like being taken out by a freaking sickness. I think the only real (c)

clandestine_spy_kaori (12:16:02 AM): reason i've survived so far is because my bloodtype. I remember hearing on the news, while it was till broadcasting, about the plague striking down those with the weaker bloodtypes, A, AB, etc. Well i was lucky enough to be O + so i think that contributed to my still being alive, especially since i had been around those stricken for a brief time. But uh yeah, and so i've just been following what leads i could, and was passing through here when i ran into that Nyoga guy, and here i am." She finished with a smile. (e)

alexander_survivor (12:22:37 AM): He kept quiet about what he knew about the plague, that he had been immiunised at the same time as Adrianna. Parents were such protective things, but it was nice that this one had actually paid off. He couldn't stand his fathers protectivness, since his mother had died his father had come back from the brink on insantiy and protected him as best he could, the scholarship to England had been something he had gambled on and had packed by the time his father had found out and grudglingly accepted at the cost of letters everyday and home on holidays. It had been 3 years since his father would have recvied a letter from him and he had no idea what state his father would be in now. He suspected Adrianna thought his father was the key to solving everything but Alexander doughted that his <c>

adrianna_underground (12:23:00 AM): *she sighed and looked to Alex. she knew deep down that he damn well knew who had made the plague.. she just didnt know how much he knew of it, she looked back to Kaori and nodded "yeah... those reports were made just about 6 months ago... and they are more than true. The plague was designed for use agenst another country that was a national threat.. only.. no one knows which one. after all we had soooo many wonderful friends who loved us here in america" she said with the sarcasm that rubbed right off of alex onto her. "... it wasnt supposed to happen this way.... they should have never made it... " she closed her eyes and leaned her head ontop of alex's whispering a bit. " could he have been so careless...." <e>

alexander_survivor (12:28:24 AM): father would be in any state to help them. He didn't care however, he longed to be with his father and was sure that he could bring him back from what ever hole he had droped himself in. The plague was soemthing he didn't like to think about. He knew the exact coding for it becasue he had been sent it by his father, it was jsut that Alex didn't know what to do with it, he didn't have to equipment or facilities to do anything and he had given up trying to get to Canada until today. Planes allready began to form in his mind and he smiled at Adrianna, he had secretly hoped that she would be alive and that he could tell her how he felt about her, his onyl regret was that he used the past tense when telling her, he snuggled to her a little. "What do you know of the plague, i'll assume at least as much as i do," He said when he was sure no one else was listening.<e>

adrianna_underground (12:41:28 AM): *she sighed a bit as Kaori walked off to survey the area she turned her face back to Alex and nodded. "yeah... my dad sent me some things before.. before he died..."s he closed her eyes and lowered her head. she hated admitting he was dead. she hated admitting alot of things. that she knew what he was doing, that she knew he made it. that she knew it was gonna kill millions of people... she opened her eyes and looked back to him. "he made it knowing, Alex... why.. why did he make it knowing it was gonna kill people..."

alexander_survivor (12:47:57 AM): "Money, my dear, i know my father made a prity penny out of it, you didn't wonder why you moved into a large mansion with a prity ater fountain. Not a little money either, alot." He laughed a little, "For all the good it ever did us." He sat up, sure that he'd get one of three reaction, A sigh, perhpaes a little srying and even an angry reply that ended in a wallop on his head for being insensetive. He was never one to mince words and rarely said anything he didn't mean. He had the urge to confess all to her, that he never stoped thinking about her that it was more than just a relief to see her alive and well. How it killed him to see how her innocense and kindness had suffored, how he had hoped to see her again after he got qualified and perhapes even marry her. But that wasn't <c>

alexander_survivor (12:49:58 AM): going to happen now, not after what had happened, how many things that they had to do before them beforehe could even mention such rubbish. That was the main thing, it all sounded so stupid to him, what could it accomplish? He had lost track of priorities and humanity a long time ago, probably the first time he had to shoot soemone, now it came so easily. He sighed, the thoughts that plague him worse than the infection itself rolloing over in his mind. <e>

adrianna_underground (12:54:18 AM): *she sighed and nodded. "yeah.. its doing us so good here... two years I been alone... and for what. for my dad to pay for MIT in full.. so I could go for 3 months before this whole thing started, for me to live in a big fancy house and have pretty clothes... for me to live so well.. and then have to live like this. it was getting real bad... if what has happned over the past two days didnt..... " she stopped and trembled, she closed her eyes and turned away a bit. she bit her lip and shook her head. " I wouldent have waited for the next batch of agents.... I would have gave up.... I would have taken the book my father sent me.. thrown it in the river and wished the worst... becasue thats how I felt." she looked back to him her cheeks red and eyes starting to well up. she sniffled and <c>

adrianna_underground (12:56:47 AM): smiled a bit. "but I got this new outlook on this so called life now. I somehow came to aquire this odd band of people... and.. somehow you, and as shitty as things can be right now. its all pretty golden to me." she sighed and looked t her bag, she reached over and pulled the book out her father sent her. she sniffled and leaned back with him and opened it. "it has the formula for the antidote.... and I think you know my idea from here on out...." she looked to him. <e>

alexander_survivor (1:03:06 AM): Alex held her close, a tear welling up in his own eye. This surprised him, he hadn't shead a tear for 3 years, nothing was strong enough for him to cry any more but then there was she. He wiped it away, "I have a similar antidote in my head, but the recources are significant and iv'e never been able to aquire a pure strain with which to work with, of course my father may have one, immunology traiing was never something he was good at, appears your fatehr was responsible for the shot that we both recived tho u might not remeber it as you were asleep at the time." His thoughts were colliding and crashing around in his mind, the slcohol in his system made him feel sick and what he felt for her hidden away and brought to the surface again made him sicker. He remained silent after this and <c>

alexander_survivor (1:08:34 AM): asked only, "How do you plan to get over the border?" He began a little, the first question the answer of which had escaped him for a long time. His questions all now aimed to stop the inevitable thought from entering his head. This was not the place to be falling in love all over again, maybe later when it's all over with... but what if they never make it and he never gets the chance to admit his feelings. Not now... his thoguhts and emotions not helped by the pain and the alcohol. He leans pathetically on her sholder, so warm and comfortable, he needed to be close even if it killed him becasue he was so cold hismelf. <e>

adrianna_underground (1:15:08 AM): *she looked to his face and smiled softly... just becasue she couldent get over seeing him again, she put her hand on his knee rubbing it a bit. she shook her head and hushed him again. "you need some water... your dehydrated from all the alcohol and not eating." *she put her arm around his shoulder a bit as he cuddled to her and she sighed. "well.. well have to trek by foot along the border.. enough away that we cant be seen.. then.. at night.... we find a hole in there boarder... there has to be one.. I know it.. if not.. we shoot our way in.. and die trying... we just.. we have to try...

alexander_survivor (1:20:22 AM): "By foot?" He questions, well thats doo able tho to be honest we might as well search out a military base and get our selves a stealth vehicle, or even a boat might be a good plan, more liekly to get in via a port, we just hoise some English flags or something, just let me do the talking i can put on an English accent easy." The plan had just entered his mind, almost as though he had been visited by a muse. He never felt more alive than being with her again, it was as though he had purpsoe again, a chance to fight for something he loved. He closed his eyes as he laend agianst her, his body starting to warm as the ration his his system. He hadn't eaten in two days and he was begigin to feel a litle less like death as he sat close. "You know i'm glad ur still alive, makes it all worth <c>

alexander_survivor (1:21:02 AM): dying for again." He smiled as he kissed her cheak and began to rest agaisnt her sholder, not asleep just recovering. <e>

adrianna_underground (1:27:36 AM): *she smiled and closed her eyes as he kissed her cheek and she hugged him a bit closer with her arm around him, but makeing sure not to hurt the wound on his other shoulder. she kissed his forhead and smiled. " no ones gonna die.... not you or any of these other people.. i'll make sure of it. and... when we get to canada.. and we get to your dads.. well give him the book my dad sent.. and with the stuff yours sent you.. we can put two and two together and save whats left of this place.... and.... be happy again. like we were when we were kids." she chuckled "like that one time dad and me came up to visit you guys. they would go lock themselves in the lab your dad had at hom and we would go to the lake and I would sit on the edge becasue you convinced me their was a monster in the water.<c>

adrianna_underground (1:28:37 AM): she laughed remebering what fun she had, had before the plague. "then you went in and pretended it got you.... and I freaked." she laughed shakeing her head. "you were so mean to me" <e>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (1:30:35 AM): He rest in the lofts window his white coat like a blanket of snow that had freshly fallen upon his body, rest still atop him. His long brown hair cascades down his faces, it rock a little as he moves in his sleep. His sleep was under attack by mind bending nightmares, they barbered his body over and over again. Under his heavy eyelids his eyes dances as they watch in horror as he see him self committing the crimes of slaughter to the weak and infected. On the outside of his unreal dream like world his body jerks and toss a little, as his lips mumble with soundless words. Shake his head slowly he fights back against the dream like warrior that holds him to his past misdoings, as he screams in his mind of his just propos he has takes on. Yet as the dog who chase the rabbit in his sleep...<c>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (1:33:45 AM): most awake to know rabbit at all so to must he awake to and unfilled promise he has made. Standing up he looks at the few awake as his eyes acclimated to the dim light, he nods as he walks out to a large hole in the wall, his eye quickly take in what light there is to be had. A bead of sweat ran its trail along his faces as the dream struck a little to close to home his mind ounce again filled with questions and doubt. He ran his gloved hand across his faces as he walks down the stairs to a closed of room where the roof had been blown away, closing the door behind him he removes his jacket. Taken a cloth he wraps it about the marking on his left arm as to not let the others know what he us to be, and who he worked for. It burns like a scare to remind him of what must be done to right...<c>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (1:34:13 AM): its wrongs; he had to clear his minds as he went about a fighting/meditating exercise. His hands, body and feet work as one as he goes through the moves, his eyes lay shut as his chest moves with a steady breath<E>

alexander_survivor (1:41:26 AM): "I only did it casue i cared, you should have seen the jokes i pulled on people i didn't like", He smiled and stroked her hand on his knee. This shouldn't be hapening, he shouldn't be getting so comfortable it could doom them all, he knew that if it came too it he'd lay down his life for her but he decided that he'd simpley protect her so that it didn't come down to that. He watched as someone whearing white moved about. His wn eyes were too disoriented to determine much more and his attention too focused on mending himself and Adrianna to really give a damn. He'd talk to him when he was introduced, but for the mean time he'd just concentrate on getting better and not doign anythign crazy. <e>

adrianna_underground (1:50:10 AM): *she smiled a bit more and sighed, she blinked looking over to Andon as he woke up.. but before she could say anything he walked away already and she just sighed and looked back to Alex and smiled. "I never said they were a talkitive bunch.... then again... I dont know any of them.. I know you." she reacher her hand up and brushed hair from his face and smiled kinda rubbing his cheek with her thumb and smiled. "...ohh god... do you remember my 13th birthday party? and how you got "sick" from playing spin the bottle." she laughed. "poor tina the girl I lived next door to had such a crush on you and when the bottle landed on you she lit up.. you said you were sick and ran! she cried and went home." she smiled softly and tilted her head. "you liked makeing little girls cry...didnt you... bet you still do <e>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (1:56:49 AM): As he went through each move, the forces of the snap kick, or the strike of the back hand pushed away his cluttered mind A low hum rumbled from his chest as he moved along the floor with slow steps, accompanied by slow strikes. It melted away like the frost of late winter, running down and away in streams of peaces that cleaned his mind. His breaths where slow and sharp as they past in and out of his body, like the breath of life it renews his tried body to a state of wellness. Stopping for a moment he roles his head on his neck cracking the tight muscles and bones with in, like a knife it cuts the silences in two. He leaned back on a dust old column its standing strong even after all the attack the building may have taken in the first Nevermore raids. His mind was at one as he felt...<c>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (1:57:35 AM): the strength of the column upon his back, pushing of he whips the sweat away from his brow with un gloved hands. His fingers were ruff and tuff from years of us, all the training they went through to be ready for all of this yet they weren't even ready not a bit. He looked down at them shaking his head slowly, nodding he clenched them as he grabs his gloves sliding them on. Grabbing his coat eh was up with it off the, the odd cloth still tied tight to his arm hiding the tattoo well. He walked over to them with a half smile as he slung his coat back on, pulling on it so it falls nice. Without look at them as he went about fixing his coat he speaksā&#8364;¦"Andons the nameā&#8364;¦ marry bunch of survivor we got here" Snickering a little he turns walking back to his window ceil, it fogged over with dust<e></F

alexander_survivor (2:01:22 AM): He laughs a little, "Yeah well i've always been aheart breaker, onyl casue iv'e never realy falen in love with anyone... cept you but that doesn't matter i havn't the time to discuss such things, there not important." He finishes as he looks deep into her eyes. "Besides it's better to make girls cry than have them make you cry." He laughs and coughs a little. Then settles closign his eyes into her sholder. If cursed the fact he was so helpless, were he in health he coudl have laughed off such emotions and kept himself to himself. "That girl was huge, how could i be expected to kiss that moose." He laughed. "tina never fogave me for that either, even when she reached 16 and lost alot of weight she still hated me and went home and cried when ever i spoke to her. Pity she died really. e

adrianna_underground (2:09:06 AM): *she laughed at first as he went on. "you loved me? right... you used to yell at me for "following you around" becasue you were sooooo much older and soooo cooool." she chuckled. "you loved teaseing and upsetting me.... and I could never seem to get enough of it... even cried when you left for england." she sighed at the thought of tinas death then nodded. "yeah... the car crash just before the plague.... cant say i'm sad she went that way... she had no idea it was gonna happen.. unlike the people who die of the plague.... know what I mean." she looked to him with a sigh.. then to Andon as he walked back to the window. "Andon.... theres food and water in the box over here... canned soups and bottled drinks...." <e>

alexander_survivor (2:14:09 AM): He looks over to Andon, smiling softly. "Sorry about me, i'm kinda having a bad week injury wise, It's funny i ain't been short in a year and then i get drunk and run a chopper into the side of a building casue i decided shootign with my wounded arm would be silly." He laughs a little and then remebers the pain. "Names Alexander, Adrianna and i go way back so i'm sorry for the attention i'm gettin as a result." He coughs a little and then drags his pack toward him. "Got military rations and an assorment of travel sweets... hey i ven got a toblarone in here." He smiles as he removes it fro the pack and opens it. "Want some of one or the other?" He smiels to Andon. "Now Adrianna howz ur love life going?" He smile begingin to reach a point of delerium due to all that was going on with him <c>

alexander_survivor (2:19:59 AM): at the moment, in a moment of weakness he speaks dispite everything within him screaming for him too hold his tounge. "Adrianna iv'e never stoped loving you, it's why i broke so many hearts, such a promising young male doctor and he never shows an interest in anyone. They thought i was gay till i smacked a guy for touching my ass and said i didn't bat for the other team." He laughs and laughs quietly so as not to weake anyone up. "So comming back to you how has your love life gone since i left 6 years ago?" He smiles, being sure not to lean too much on her, expecting her too pull away and deny his conffesion and solving so many problems all in one clean cut at his heart.

alexander_survivor (2:20:03 AM): <e>

adrianna_underground (2:29:40 AM): *she looked to him and smirked a bit shakeing her head. "your tired.. talking rubbish." she moved and started to push him down. she looked to his eyes.. they were so serious. even threw the cracks and jokes she could see the look in his eyes. " you always knew I liked you alex..... i mean... I followed you everywhere when vacations came. " she smiled petting his cheek again. "remember when your dad used to tease us... said we would grow up and... you know. get married." she laughed " that one summer... before you left for england... not my birthday, the summer at the lake. " she sighed deeply. "I tried to be the brave one and say something.. but I kept chokeing up... it was pathedic" she laighed. night before me and dad left. we all bar-b-qed.. and the tire swing.. I was <c>

adrianna_underground (2:30:50 AM): sittin gin it.. and you were pushing me.. we were their for hours... never said a word... and I should have.... I always kicked myself for not saying something... esspecialy when I thought I would never see you again." <e>

alexander_survivor (2:37:18 AM): He remained quiet for a time and then moved and kissed her, there was no mis interpreting it. "I was always defencive in my youth. I was only 17 and i was told such horror stories by my father, about the way's that you can fall in love, for it to be perfect and as though that it was made in heaven and then god would take it away becasue he spites man having a love greater than there love for him." He finishes his explainiation about what had held him back when he was young, why he never admited his feelings to himself until he ahd lost her for what seemed like forever. "And to think i was never religious liek the old man, and it was he who contributed to something that wiped out 99% of the American population. Althgouh you gotta give a Candian credit for that." He lguhs it al off wth that <e>

adrianna_underground (2:42:19 AM): *she kept her eyes to his right untill he pressed his lips to hers and kissed her, she returned it just as he had gave it. she blinked soflty and smiled looking back to him with a light blush crossing her cheeks as she listned to him and laughed shakeing her head at him insenceitivity. "ouhh.. bastard..." she laughed more playfully shoveing his good shoulder back a bit. she remained silent a moment then smirked tilting her head. "13th birthday.... had the bottle been an inch more to the right.. aimed at me and not tina.... what would you have done?" she bit her lip watching his eyes.* <E>

alexander_survivor (2:54:40 AM): Probably something like this, he says as he reaches over to the back of her head and pulls her close for the most passionate kiss that even he could have imagined. He let loose all the pent up aggresssion and anger at the world loose in this kiss. His love for her the burinign flame behind it all. "You know that i'll donate my life to you, i'll help you where ever is needed offering advice, healing thouse who are wounded, all for you. No one else." He kisse dher again, the same light and passion welling up inside him. He had craved this for so long he couldn't remeber where he was. His face then sank. "I'm sorry, i shouldn't have opened up like that..." A tear began to form on the edge of his eye as he looked into hers. <e>

adrianna_underground (3:04:48 AM): *she gasped a bit and kissed him back her arms holding herself agents him careful of his shoulder. she gasped a breath in and kissed him after he spoke softly, she looked to him as he broke the kiss and smiled shakeing her head. "dont you be sorry... not now.. not ever. not for this." she wiped his eye free from its tear and she leaned in kissing him again, softly sweetly in a way but just as passionate as he had offered her. one hand threw his hair as she leaned back just an inch. "I wish I would have opened up that summer like I had tried so hard to do...." <e>

alexander_survivor (3:18:38 AM): He was too caught up in the emotion he harldy even realise dthe pain he was in. His wildest dreams had come true, he was alone with her for the msot part alone. He coudl ahve adne anyting he wanted to her, but instead was happy to know she felt the same way about him as she did he. He didn't belive how easy that it was, how much he had dreaded him telling her an her laughing andthinking he was joking, just laughing it off. He kissed her again, the same spark and emotion in it as the first and every other after it. "Your the only love i'v eever had and theonyl ne that there ever will be," He said as he pulled away again. "I doughted that fate would allow me what i desired but ow i thank him for the game of chess." He traild off as he kissed her again. Other more extreme thought entering <c>

alexander_survivor (3:20:15 AM): his mind, but this place not being the place to even consider such things. His minds eye high in the clouds with her intoxicating kiss. His memories floating back to the first time he had looked at her and realsied his feelings, that same 13th birthday when the bottle spun and he hoped it would land on her and not the moose of a girl next too her. <e>

adrianna_underground (3:29:48 AM): *she didnt want this feeling to end, she had waited so long for these words to come from someone she wanted them from, but she never got them like this.. she never could have.. becasue it was only him who could. she had given up on the thought of happyness so long ago it seemed, and now, in the blink of an eye, in a simple kiss and a simple embrace it was all better again. she pet his cheek tenderly and locked her eyes on his, her arm around him and a smile on her lips for the first time in.. she couldent even remember how long it had been. months perhaps.. a year or two.... it didnt matter anymore, just so long as it was there now. becasue he was there now. and she wouldent let go, not for the life of her. her lips locked back onto his for what she wanted to be forever, but she smiled <c>

adrianna_underground (3:30:58 AM): comming out of the kiss and giggled. "I could die right now a happy woman knowing that you always loved me as much as I always loved you.. and I could kick each of us for waiting so long...." she laughed and kissed him softly a bit before laying her head on his shoulder. <e>

alexander_survivor (3:37:30 AM): He closed his eyes, yearning to touch her in a way that he couldn't in this place. "You make me feel alive again and i think you, do you think we should tell the other or let them play around and vie for your affections with us knowing full well you arn't up for anything?" He teased her. "Then again it was possible that you might discover a love within someone else and then i'd die inside, sacrificng myself for somethign hthat can never be." He smiled as he kissed her head, smeeling her hair, sweet dispite the lack of washing.

adrianna_underground (3:43:18 AM): *she smiled looking to his eyes as they closed. her hand petting threw his hair. " are alive Alex.. and so am I... and were together now like we always should have been. we wont have to tell them.. they will see and know... and how can I discover anything within anyone else.. their no point or desire to look. becasue I found the holy grail of my soul right here inside your heart." she sighed smiling and cuddling closer.*

alexander_survivor (3:49:01 AM): "Life has a funny way of fucking with you my love. Theres alot that can happen, an infinate numebr of things that could drive us apart," He smiles into her sholder. "For now however let us be happy, and although there are things i've wanted to do to you since you tunred 16 and it became legal, there is time for that later, when the chance arises, i always imagined a waterfall, and who knows we may find one by the time we get to canada and we can make time." He finishs out his wshes and desires and kisses her again, raising her head with his finger as he did so. "One day we will be together without strife and pain, that way we'll be more pefefact than my fathers god. He finishes kiising her again on the neck.





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