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The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
open char
Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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adrianna_underground (12:03:22 AM): *as the man in white told baxter.. who.. wasnt baxter but.. ryan... the story. she sighed and shook her head. he had taken her hand a moment ago and she squeezed it now looking to his eyes. she looked from one to the other then down and started walking.* yeah.. back at the loft we can all talk.. well be safe and... not alone. *she sighed and started walking quickly, her eyes moved up again to the man in white. "you never did tell us your name.... you remember yours? I'm Adrianna.... " <e>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:13:37 AM): "Andon &#8364; "Slips free from his pressed lips as he licks them slowly, licking the salt sweat from his upper lip, the salt sting his tongue. He does not turn around he just keeps walking, waiting for them to tell him to turn down here or what ever. His hair bounces a little with each step he takes his mind clear at the moment as he grabs tight to his left arm, the tattoo burning him again. It was all in his mind but the pain was oh too really for him, it was the screams that stung the marking bared deep in its inky lines. His foots steps slowly as he turns down the roads they tell him to, as they make there way to the loft. The bag on his shoulder swing softly like a childs crib, safe was what he felt when he held it knowing what he had inside. His white coat blow about on the rushing...<C>

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (12:15:06 AM): breezes of the ghost city, each gust like the last breath as the city gives its life away to pay for al the death that happen in it. His mind start to work over the few pieces of info he had on this all, turning them over and over try to make what scenes he could out of it. They finely make it to the loft as he makes his way up he nods to the new man and to his old friend as he leans back and takes a breath keeping the duffle bag close and hiding his tattoo under his coat. <E>

adrianna_underground (12:19:10 AM): *she nodded and kept her eyes down as well. "well Andon.. wish meeting people didnt have to be this way.. but with the way things have been going.. I'm glad... I knew it was too good.. the agents hadent been around for months.. then all of a sudden BOOM.. all at once... I was used to one or two at a time.. not friggin teams of the bastards..." she looked to him a bit as he clenched his shoulder and she narroewd her eyes. "are you hurt?" she asked as he then flopped down and she closed up the doors, so far it was her and four.. soon to be 5 guys.. she was hopeing maybe a few other woman would have made it.. but.. it was typical if more men did survive. but she started to think a bit more optomisticly since meeting these people.. well... she was trying to atleast. she looked to Baxter.. <c>

adrianna_underground (12:19:59 AM): he didnt look so good. she faced him more and shook her head "ba... r... you ok?! here.. sit down..." <e>

agent_baxter_13 (12:21:17 AM): ::The voices around him began to distort and echo slowly and though he tried to use his rifle as a crutch to stay up he lost his girp on it and fell to the floor. His body tired to create a cold seat but due to his lack of water there was nothing to give. His muscles tensed and gave violent painful spasms as it remembered past damage. His mind became clear and he feel into what he thought was a dream till he rememberd it had actualy happend.:; 'Hello Corparal Ryan....this is doctor Blane and Doctor Blancher there going to give you a small dose of some medication to get rid of those headaches you've been complaning dont you worry its a natrual reaction to the genome thearapy to experince something like heaches and musscle cramps theres really no need to alarmed.' (c)

agent_baxter_13 (12:26:09 AM): ;;His arm twiched in real time as he felt the pain of the shot agian. 'Now why dont you take a rest with the others.' Others? I thought you said it was a rare sideaffect? "Well, we are doing a large test of course there will be some reactions" The doctors voice was not one he trusted and when he stepped into the room he found that the men in their looked to be suffering from things far worse then headaches. The airtight doors locked behind him and one of his squad member grabbed hold of his leg. His nose was bledding and his eyes were nearly black from blood cloating;; I cant see....I cant fucking see.... :;He had lept back from his eyes started to burn a few seconds later. He wanted to gouge them out and that was when he feel to the floor. Everything was blurry he could see beds and (c)

agent_baxter_13 (12:29:23 AM): doctors soldiers his whole team was in there they were sick so sick that they couldnt move and the ones that did were not moving in ways that one would hope for one slammed his head agaisnt the floor the doctors tried to stop him but he continued wihout an end screaming about how he couldnt see and that needles were diggin into his head. Eventual he got the head ache and the needles too but whe he sent his head back into the metal bed he had been resting on it put him out cold. Then it stuck him as he came out of the daze:; I knew them......i knew them.....they went just bodies...i knew them!

agent_baxter_13 (12:29:30 AM): (end)

adrianna_underground (12:34:07 AM): *as he came out of his daze he found his head in Adriannas lap, her eyes looking worriedly down to his shakeing softly a bottle of water in one hand and her other petting his hair back. Seph and ANdon sleeping propped up agenst the wall. the stranger still laying passed out as well. she sighed softly and shushed him gently. "you passed out.... your dehydrated. its been about 5 hours...." she sighed and smiled softly. "you just went over like a sack of potatoes.... scared the hell outa me..." she lifted the water up to his lips and nodded "drink... dont talk ok.. just drink... we can talk when your feeling a little better.. promise." <e>

agent_baxter_13 (12:37:36 AM): ;;He looked up into her eyes and for one of the few times in a long time he was remembering something. He rememberd her he rememberd metting her wanting to protect her and how she could make his mind not carry him away from his body. He closed his eyes and took in the water slowly. He hadn't had a drink in so long that he almost choked at first but after a short time he got it back down and continued and was he was very thristy:;

agent_baxter_13 (12:37:45 AM): <e>

adrianna_underground (12:42:12 AM): *she smiled a bit as he closed his eyes, she continued to pet his hair back comfortingly. she poured the water slowley so not to choke him with it. he drank the entire bottle and still seemed to crave more. she laid the empty bottle to the side and leaned back agenst the wall with a sigh, her hand empty from the water now rested over his chest as she closed her eyes trying to think. she opened them and looked back around the room.. 4 in one day... would more be to come? perhaps with a group it would be easier to get to canada... hopefully thats what they all wanted... hopefully they would all understand.. and not hate her when she told them her secret... her fathers doings had not only effected people. but it ruined them. baxter, or whatever his name really was, it had ruined his mind <c>

adrianna_underground (12:44:44 AM): as well as Sephs and Andons... they were all military... all lied to by the country they promised their lives too.... a promise they had to break becasue they were lied to so horribly. the stranger from the chopper... sshe had no idea what he was before this, but with a bullet hole in his shoulder she knew it came from what her father did to them all.. what he did to himself.. and her. her eyes closed again as she started to breath a bit deeper her eyes welling up. she wiped her eyes and licked her lips pressing the emotions back. now wasnt the time for them. <e>

adrianna_underground (6:26:22 PM): *she opened her eyes, her lips stuck slightly together as she gulped a mouthful of dry air down her throat. she groaned a bit and started to get up and realized Baxters head was still laying over her leg. she slid out a bit and put her bag under his head so not to disturb his sleep to much. she stood up and streached a bit, Seph and Andon still leaning agenst the wall snoreing away, the stranger from yester day still knoced out, maybe still drunk. she walked over to a few boxes, in them were cans a nd boxes and bags of non perishable goods she had been living off of, she got a few more bottles of water, and as if she were the tooth fairy she walked around and set a bottle next to each sleeping head befoe sitting back down and sighing upeing her bottle and wetting her dry pallet. <end>

agent_baxter_13 (6:30:36 PM): ;Baxter remained asleep his dreams were less then peaceful it was more like a jumble of all sorts of peices of his past and some of his presnt he could remember more then he had ever thought he could but it didnt make him feel better he had just learned his name but that was all he reallly knew and nothing more then that what was done to him had scared him forever and killed off the men he knew and served with in the military;;

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (6:33:07 PM): ::Back in his 'lair'.... He snickered a bit at the thought... He lifts his heavy pick and brings it crashing to the floor. It smashes clean through the tile and and smashes the foundation apart. He wasn't doing anything to precise.... Actually, he was working on a kind of pit... pungee pit if he could somehow pull it off. He brings the pick up again and drops it, shattering the floor even more.::

adrianna_underground (6:36:02 PM): *she got up again, walked over to the window and causiously peeked out. it was late after noon and the sky was a deathly redish from the heat. she needed to get back to the building and retreive Nyoga... but she didnt want to go alone, but they were all sleeping. so.. she made sure she was packed and ammo was good and started to unlock the doors to leave.* <end>

adrianna_underground (6:37:58 PM): *she got up again, walked over to the window and causiously peeked out. it was late after noon and the sky was a deathly redish from the heat. she needed to get back to the building and retreive Nyoga... but she didnt want to go alone, but they were all sleeping. so.. she made sure she was packed and ammo was good and started to unlock the doors to leave.* <end>

agent_baxter_13 (6:38:37 PM): ;;Baxter got up slowly it was obvious he had been woken by a dream of some kind that wasnt pleasnt becaus of how he was cradeling his rifle in his arms. He came up behind Adrianna and placed his hand on her shoulder soflty squeezing it so as not to scare her;;

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (6:40:44 PM): ::He mutter something as he continues to dig deep into the earth. He stops for a moment to shrug off his shirt. It was next to sweltering in his little hovel and made all the more worse by working. He sets his stuff on the chair he had brought out. He managed to make a resupply run as well while they were occupied with the agents. Several water bottles had been snagged and rested beneath the chair. He picks up the axe and smashed into the floor some more, feeling a bit relieved from the vandalism.::

adrianna_underground (6:44:35 PM): *she turned around a bit and looked to him and nodded "I'm just gonna go get Nyoga.. you stay and rest.. you arent feeling well...." she started to pull the door open and looked back at an baxter a brow arched. "" <end>

agent_baxter_13 (6:46:41 PM): ;;He wraps an arm around her and mumbes;; safe.....trip. :;before slipping back to the spot he had been in and lying down for a bit more rest:;

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (6:48:56 PM): ::He stops, dropping the pick and sitting down. He wipes thes weat off his forehead, stoppin halfway through the swipe. He pulls his hand down and looks at it, his usually stern expression going soft for a moment. He looks to the rings over his fingers, knitting his brow a bit as he gazes at their patterns, rotating his wrist and looking at his palm some before twisting it back, getting a full view of the jewelery.::

adrianna_underground (6:51:13 PM): *she nodded a bit and backed out of the room, she closed the door and furrowed her brows in thought before turning and leaving the loft. she moved slowley and carefully. the blocks seemed endless andth streets to cross nervewrecking but she managed and once to the building where Nyoga was she went inside and followed the same route from the day before. as she got closer to where she had found him she came to hear sounds, he was working on traps. she went down same steps and calles out in a whisper "...Nyoga...."

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (6:57:52 PM): ::He suddenly snaps back to reality, his hand shooting down and whipping out his gun. Living alone for a year has made him rather paranoid. He grips the grip and gets to his feet.::"Who's there?" ::He calls softly having heard the whisper. He prowls to the stairs, pointing his weapon straight at her. However, once he saw who it was he holsters his weapon and brushes some hair from his eyes.::"Oh, s'you." ::He turns and goes back, grabbing his pick.::

trigger_happy_stephiroth (7:01:29 PM): -he blinks, his eyes opening, looking up at the ceiling, at the moment he had no idea where he was, but then he remembered, he was in the loft with Baxter and the overexcited chopper-man who decided to pick today to go on a joy ride...he stands up and goes over to baxter, making sure his shotgun is far away from them and starts trying to wake him up, nudging him gently, not knowing what he'd do when someone woke him up...he blinks and continues trying, hoping the guy doesn't have any concealed weapons on him- dude, wake up, I need some info, man...dude...WAKE UP!!!

tyler_brent_stone (7:02:17 PM): : runs down a ally way and stops knowing he has no rounds for the blaster he carries and only 3 in the Nomad. He shakes his head and turns to a door and leans back giving that thing a good boot and it flings open. "I fuckin hate this running shit. " He spots a whole in the outer wall across the warehouse and tosses the blaster and draws His Namad and grabs a 5 foot peice of 2x4. He gruns and waits for shadows in the doorway. He cocks the 2x4 back and swings it hard backhanded and catches the first guy through in the chest causing him to drop his blaster. He crouches and grabs the blaster with his off hand and aimes the nomad at the door and waits for the next one through and grunts as he craws through the hole. "One down, Three to go." He gets up and runs down the alley.

adrianna_underground (7:03:30 PM): *she nodded and stepped in a bit more and looked to him with the pick and tilted her head. "more traps? you must really know alot about them...." she sighed and looked to him and nodded "I came to see if you wanted to come back to the loft.. with the rest of us... If we keep in a group.. we have a better chance.. and.. not that these traps will go to waste either.. we can use it to our advantage... like.. you said their was another way out... so.. we can trick them." she squatted down and looked to the hole in the ground.* what do ya say? *she looks back up at him* <end>

agent_baxter_13 (7:05:24 PM): ::snaps up imiddeatly once someone started to yell at him he draws his hand back and aims his fist at his would be alarm clocks throat he thrusts it foward but stops it before it can make contact. Then he draws his hands back rubs his eye and picks up his rifle:; Suits?

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (7:07:03 PM): ::He leans on the pick.::"I would much rather stay here... You're free to join me here, I'm sure it's safer than your 'loft'. At any rate they have less a chance finding me here and if they do I will have more than ample time to get out of here." ::He rests the pick on his shoulder, reaching down and retieving a water bottle. He pulls the cap off with his teeth and sucks the fluid down.::

trigger_happy_stephiroth (7:08:31 PM): -his eyes widen as he is almost hit- no..not Suits...we're waiting with our little friend remember? -he sighs- now..can you tell me what's been happening since I've been asleep? I need as much information as you can give...-he looks at the rifle- and can you please put that thing down? -he blinks a pirks a brow- if you want to kill me, shoot me in the head...not the chest... -he keeps a straight face through all this-

agent_baxter_13 (7:10:34 PM): ;;He stands up and tosses the rifle over his shoulder patting tiggers shoulder as he moved around him;; Not suit... ;;he laughed thinking it was funny for him to be asked to be shot in the head since he wasnt a suit.; Ada go.....say water. Be back sure.... ;;he moves over to the door and glances out some with a dazed look;;

tyler_brent_stone (7:11:46 PM): : looks at the blaster and grunts tucking it in his pants. He hangs a left down the next intersection. He shakes his head as he moves down the alley. He grabs the steel drums and knocks them over as he runs down the alley. He gets to the end and is breathing heavily. He comes to the end of the alley and kneels aiming down the alley. He spots two of the three agents coming and squeezes off two round of the Nomad and stands after a rouns splitting one skull and missing the other. "Fuck" He sprints down the alley past two intersections. : ducks around a corner and catches a breathers. his black t-shirt heaving with his chest.

adrianna_underground (7:12:04 PM): *she sighed and stood back up shakeing her head. "I would have to ask the others... and.. one of whom isnt mobil just yet...." she looked to him and tilted her head. "why dont you come.. just to check it out and meet everyone... " she cleared her throat and looked around "you have this place so well trapped.. I would be affraid to stay honestly.. like I would die myself trying to live...." she shrugged and looked back "the loft is safe, agents wont go into the buildings anymore unless their widley open. its to much of a risk really on their part... atleast thats how I have come to see it. they never came there...." <e>

agent_baxter_13 (7:15:58 PM): ;:He slowly takes a position by the door raising his rifle to his eye and glacning over the long street from end to end. Nothing was moving today there wernt even any birds it was a bit creepy but it was the best one could hope for it was better then alot of agents and he knew this in the back of what was left of his mind;;

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (7:17:21 PM): "I see...." ::He closes his eyes for a moment before opening them and slamming his pick back into the earth.::"Can't move the injured..." ::He brings the pick up and drops it again.::"To afraid to stay..." ::He strikes the earth again.::"I'm not quite positive about your theory much." ::Another strike.::"I might meet them... Perhaps do my best to aid the injured. But I'm not promising I'll stay." ::He spits in the hole he was making. He drops his pick and goes over to pick up his shirt, slipping it back on.::

trigger_happy_stephiroth (7:17:29 PM): -he blinks and sits on the arm of the couch, playing with one of his metal YoYos, thinking about what will happen to them...wondering if he should just leave and try to make it to Canada...he had too many things going through his head...he had no phonelines to hack..and to top it all off, he had no more smokes...they were all stale...he was definately having a bad day already..he pulls out his only black n mild, and sticks it in his mouth, lighting it up, figure he'd enjoy it while he was alive to smoke it....-Hey got a watch on you? what time is it? and why does my head hurt so bad? -he blinks- maybe I drank too much last night -he sighs- I should really lay off... -he continues playing with his YoYo as he talks-

agent_baxter_13 (7:21:12 PM): I am watching.....;;There was a very long pause before he glanced up at the sun and then back down; noon....high noon...;;His head quickly shifted he had thoguht he was imagining the noises but he could tell they had substance now it sounded like runinng but who was runing and from where he wasnt quite sure:;

tyler_brent_stone (7:23:02 PM): : catches his breat and makes a dash and hangs a left on the next narrow road. "Shit" He sees and agent come out infront of him. He turns and there is one standing behind him. He closes his eyes. "I tried baby." He holds the nomad in his hand with on round in it and slowly reaches back for the Blaster. He comes up with nothing. He wispers to himself "Two birds with ione stone I think Not" He liiks the th agent that was infront of him when he came around the corner, H flicks the Nomad up and shoots from the hip as his kicks his legs outfrom underhimself. He watches the round rip through the agents throut. He hits the ground hard and turns to look at the other and points the gun hoping to keep him back.

adrianna_underground (7:27:23 PM): *she narrowed her eyes.. she heard noise in the distance. she looked to Nyoga and whispered. "you hear that.... its an attack... " she checked her guns and took a deep breath. she nodded and backed to the steps. "comming or staying? its up to you but I cant stay here.. I gotta make sure those agents die... and whomever it is is alright." she turned to head up the steps, with or without him following. up the steps threw the halls and peeking threw winodws. she made her way to the dark enterance. her steps were slow now. an agent dashes by the doors after someone, she moves fast now and peeks, just that agent.. she hears a shot and gasps, without a thought she runs and Aims her Kovak to the running agent. A man laying on the ground before him aiming his gun up at the agent. <C>

adrianna_underground (7:29:36 PM): She squeezed the trigger and before the agent could even try to shoot his brains ran down the back of his head and he fell to the ground. Adrianna ran forward but stopped suddenly... her eyes wide and mouth open. a look of shock covering her face... her arms dropped to her sides and the gun slipped from her grasp as she dropped it agenst the cement and staired at the man she had just saved. <End>

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (7:31:14 PM): ::He was right on her tail, gun drawn. He kept up with her as she ran and skidded to a slight halt watching her pop an agent in the back of his head. He immediatly pulls his gun up, taking aim as she drops her weapon. Despite the fact she had killed an agent he was still rather scepticle. He was also wary of the stranger that had just been saved, not trusting anyone he didn't know... Again his paranoia was getting to him.::

tyler_brent_stone (7:38:46 PM): : looks up at his saving grace. His eyes open wide."Adrianna?.....What?......Where did?......" He slowly gets up slowly. He is visably sore. He looks at the guy with his weapon on him, Tyler has a weapon that is empty. He grunts as he looks at the nomad and tucks it in the back of his pants. He walks to Adrianna and stops a foot or two short. "I thought you were...... I mean I was told you were." He keeps his eyes on Adrianna. "You left school and people started dieing...I was sure you...."

adrianna_underground (7:45:21 PM): *she just looked to him like he was a ghoast. she blinked her eyes and gulped and shook her head slightly backing away a step, leaveing her gun on the ground. she closed her eyes and covered her ears and whimpered "....Shut up.... just... you.. you lied to me!" she opened her eyes and picked up her gun and tucked it back in her hulster and looked to Nyoga. "C'mon.. lets go..." she looked over her shoulder to him and closed her eyes turning back starting to walk away from Tyler. <end>

adrianna_underground (9:46:54 PM): *she threw the door to the loft open, Nyoga behind her, Baxter asleep again like she had told him to do. seph and Andon still sleeping as far as she knew thay hadent woke at all.. and the stranger, laying in the same spot she had them put him. she turned around and looked to Nyoga as he stepped in, Tyler following, but before he could enter she closed the door and locked it and looked to Nyoga. "....I shoulda let them kill him.... had I known..." she sighed and leaned agenst the door and looked around. "funny... just two days ago.. this room was empty and now I have this whole little group of.. sleeping.. past out... guys." she chuckled a bit shakeing her head. "...just wish the once I could find another girl to talk too... but.. then again.. two days ago I was wishing just for a person.."

adrianna_underground (9:46:55 PM): <c>

adrianna_underground (9:48:09 PM): she laughed "but none of them talk... they sleep..." she looked to him as she past him and walked over to the stranger from the chopper and looked down at him while talking to Nyoga. "how long have you been.. alone?" <e>

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (9:50:13 PM): ::He had stopped, returning to his little base of operations to retrieve his silver, metal case. He sets it down in an available spot and takes a seat next to it.::"One year. I think. You lose count of time running, hiding, and blowing the heads off suits." ::He closes his eyes, sighing a bit. He looks to his hand, his face easing it's expression once again. The rings and chain jingling on his finger some seemed to be the only thing that made him change his expression.::

adrianna_underground (9:54:29 PM): *she nodded and frowned "yeah... I never had a day before all this stuff where I ever thought one day I might have to kill to keep alive... then the damned plague hit. after that... I constantly asked myself what if? then.. one day.. I had to... that was over 2 years ago. been hideing for 3... for the first part of the first year I had a few people around.. but they died.. I didnt know them though. and.. the ones I did know well... I wasnt around them to know if they died or not. except my dad.. I know hes dead..." she knelt down looking to the face of the stranger still speaking to Nyoga. "Its funny ya know... one day your fine, going to school or work, kiss you loved ones goodbye for what you think is gonna be only a few hours or days or.. whatever. you go about your bussines and <c>

adrianna_underground (9:56:52 PM): next thing you know people are flat out going mad... their fighting in the street over a can of soup they may not even eat becasue tomorrow their gonna be dead weather they like it or not... then the ones who dont die... they wish they had. they go mad... freak out. or.. i guess if their lucky they do what we have been doing.. atleast if they have the willpower to... all it took was one little mistake. and look at us.... fucking hilarious" <end>

alexander_survivor (9:57:32 PM): He stired, wincing at the pain and groaning at the headacke he was quickley developing. He didn't remeber being so bruised before he had passed out, perhpaes the alcohol was wearing off... He looked around, opening hs eyes slowely and realising he didn't know where he was. Looking around there were people but it was all a blur, he was groggy and felt like being sick. His hand gun was still in his holster, aroud his right sholder so he assumed they were not agents, The rest of his stuff he assumed must be back at the chopper. His memory retunred to the chopper and he groaned again, what was he thinking taking a chopper to abunch of armed agents, he was lucky to be alive... He began to hear voices and then recognised one and groaned for the third time, <C>

alexander_survivor (10:02:16 PM): "Didn't imagine i'd be listening to one of your lectures again Adi," He said gruffly as he attempted to sit up. "Havn't seen you in years, last i recall was your 16th party, day before i left for England." He coughed and shook as he sat himself up against the wall, "And who are these interesting people we are currently cohabiting with?" He picked threw his pocket to find his stylish glasses were gone and most likely broken somewhere. He almost groaned again at that, they were the last gift he had recived from his father when he left from Canada the last time. He coughed a little and spat some blood from his mouth. Leaning up agaisnt the wall and regretting it as the sickness begins to fill his wind pipe, it was convienent that there was an open lift shaft really.

alexander_survivor (10:02:23 PM): (e)

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (10:04:22 PM): ::He closes his eyes tilting his head back. He absorbed her words without any kind of visible response at all. He opens his eyes looking over at the waking person. He got to his feet and stepped over, examining the man's wound.::"This is, in all honesty, beyond my expertise. All I could say is patch it up some to help stop the blood flow, but then again that might make it worse." ::He shrugged going back to his seat.::"Never was good at meds." ::He brushes some hair from his eyes again.::

adrianna_underground (10:09:18 PM): *she blinked and leaned over the stranger a bit and hushing him a bit. "shh.. its ok.... your alright. your among.. friends." she blinked thinking for a moment.. friends... she didnt even know these people.. but, they were gonna be one of two things.. friends or enemys and she much rather friends of these people. she looked over to Nyoga and pointed to a bottle of water. "hand me that please?" she sat down next to the groaning stranger and tilted her head hearing his voice.. slight english tone.. but damn was it familier. she staired at his face.. his lips... his eyes.. ohh god... he called her Adi... no one called her that except for 3 people Her father.. and his best friend Professor Peterson and his son Alex. he started talking more but it all dazed right past her ears as she staired<c>

adrianna_underground (10:14:24 PM): *she blinked and leaned over the stranger a bit and hushing him a bit. "shh.. its ok.... your alright. your among.. friends." she blinked thinking for a moment.. friends... she didnt even know these people.. but, they were gonna be one of two things.. friends or enemys and she much rather friends of these people. she looked over to Nyoga and pointed to a bottle of water. "hand me that please?" she sat down next to the groaning stranger and tilted her head hearing his voice.. slight english tone.. but damn was it familier. she staired at his face.. his lips... his eyes.. ohh god... he called her Adi... no one called her that except for 3 people Her father.. and his best friend Professor Peterson and his son Alex. he started talking more but it all dazed right past her ears as she staired<c>

adrianna_underground (10:14:35 PM): at him in disbeliefe. he looked nothing like he did beefore he left for college in england. definitly much taller and hair longer and other things that just confuzzed her and lead her from even pondering knowing him. she shook her head and flashed back, remembering that birthday party, it was near christmas and it was the same every year, the one time a year her father got to have the professer and alex visit the states, every few years they would go up to canada to see them. but with the past three years blowing the way things were she had almost... but not totaly forgot him and now there he was, makeing a crack at the worst possibal time like always and all she could do was smile. <e>

alexander_survivor (10:18:26 PM): Alex moaned and stood up, with a hand to his forehead. "My stuff back at the chopper," He mumbled as he began to stumble in the direction of the door, he figured the chopper would be somewhere with alot of damage, as he recalled he had wedged it in prity far and there wasn't enough fuel to worry about and explosion, he tunred to the one he didn't know, "Names Alexander, Alexander Peterson, pleasure to meet your aquantance," He said in a sarcastic tone, he had picked that up in his time around the girls of England, he'd always been good with the ladies, well until he got stuck fighting for his life in America but he supposed that shit often happens. He half fell against the door frame, his head still spinning, He was an medical student with some engeneering on the side, he should be ok <C>

alexander_survivor (10:19:47 PM): witht the amount he had drunk, he then realised just how much he had likely drunk and groaned again, he was gonna be sick for a few days... He needed some water and knew there was some in his ruck sack back at the chopper ruin. <e>

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (10:26:47 PM): ::He tosses his head a little.::"You ain't gonna get far in that shape." ::He smirks a little.::"Agents will be up your ass in next to no time with them crawling in and out of anywhere like cockroaches." ::He lays againsts the wall and gets to his feet. He started pacing, obviously not a person who could stay still for very long. He runs his thumb along the grip of his Raptor, thinking deeply, wondering what his next move would be. Would he stay and do what he could? Or should he simply slip away and recruit people for his own coalition? He shakes his head a bit, unsure of what to do, confused at the moment. This was a rahter unexpected turn of events. Instead of finding one survivor he found a group. It was a little stunning for him and threw his partial plan out of whack.::

adrianna_underground (10:28:08 PM): woooh wooh wooh... alex.. you arent going anywhere! *she stepped infront of him and took his arm to help him back. she lead him over to the spot where he was and made him sit down, herself beside him. she reached over and grabbed a bottle of water and opened it and handed it to him as she tilted her head and shook it slightly. "why the hell are you here! your supposed to be in england studying and.. becoming a doctor.... not here... waiting to die like the rest of us." she sighed and pouted with a slight smile. ".... but I certinly cant help but to be a little glad your here...." she sighed and looked to his shoulder. then to him and Nyoga. "Figures.. one person who could fix that.. it happned too..." she watched Nyoha pace nervously then looked back to Alex and spoke in a soft whisper.<c>

adrianna_underground (10:29:37 PM): "you hungry... either of you I mean?" she then spoke loud enough for Nyoga "theirs food rations in a box.. and water...I gues the rest can eat when they wake.. but.. they were pretty knocked out from yesterday..." she sighed leaning back agenst the wall with alex, she looked back to him. " much do you know... about the plague...." <e>

alexander_survivor (10:37:01 PM): "I know enough to know that most everyone else is gonna die of it but not me and the other 1% of the population." He spoke quielty, "I'm hear becasue of summer break belive it or not, was looking forward to takin a few months off to help my Dad with his work, tho i'm no geneticist, i was going to be a Immunologist specialist," He coughed and sat against the wall, "In the chopper is a military shotgun, sub machine gun, shitt al ammo and supplies, food mostly, along with some high alcohol sctoch and a medical kit thats next to useless to anyone but me." He said like he was dong inventory. He sat back and coughed again, "Rags would be useful, he said as he began to remove the now filthy rags, I'll also need one of thouse bottles of scotch," He had almost flicked into business mode.

alexander_survivor (10:37:59 PM): <e>

adrianna_underground (10:42:32 PM): *she smiled and laughed a bit looking to alex. her eyes went to Nyoga and she tilted her head. "hey.. think you might be able to rig one of them alarm traps down by the front door of the building.. kinda like back at the other building? that way.. sicne were all lumped here together.. anything.. or anyone comes.. we can be ready...?" she got up a minute and walked over to where seph was still sleeping and stole the bottle of alcahole he took from the mall and walked back to alex handing it to him. "not scotch... but whiskey will do" she knelt back down and started takeing the soiled rags from his shoulder as she looked to Nyoga. "nothing spectacular.. just.. more heads in here makes us stronger in number.. but also easier to attack...." <e>

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (10:45:05 PM): :::He gets to his feet.::"Gotta make some runs first..." ::He goes over to his suitcase, unlatching it and flipping it up. He pulls out the two clips. He had, in total, twenty-four shots. Eight bullets per clip. He wouldn't be much use in a firefight, unless accuracy really mattered. He slips them into his pockets before shutting his suitcase, locking it up again.::"Don't touch this." ::He says firmly, though he was sure someone would have to find out what was inside. He goes over, unlocking and opening the door, slipping out of the loft. He shuts it behind him, passing the begging newcomer as he hurried off, back towards his little base.::

adrianna_underground (10:49:23 PM): *she nodded as he left and locked the door behind him, she looked to alex and peeled back the last layer of cloth from his bloody wound, it would make it bleed again if she ripped it off. she took some of the water and wet it some, that helped, she handed it back to him and pouted a bit. "this is gonna hurt... I think." she slowly peeled the shirt from the blood and sighed shakeing her head. "you attached to this shirt much.. or can I cut it?" she looked to the bottle of whiskey in his one hand, the water in the other, she took the water and took a drink. "i'll drink this.. you drink that...." <e>

alexander_survivor (10:53:33 PM): He shooed her away, "Alcohol's not for drinking, i think i've got enough to num any pain right at the moment thanks," He coughed, and mumbled something about a stupid flu. He took a knife from his boot and cut away at the shirt, "If you knwo somewhere i can get a new one that would be super," He said as he looks to her, there was alot he wanted to ask, how she had been what she had done to survive but all that could wait, they were alone like they had never been before and she still distracted him, she had grown up and was even prityer than he rembered, he ignored thouse thoughts however as he poured the alchol onto his sholder, gritting his teeth as he did so, he had with her help managed to remove the shirt from about the wound without aggrivating it too much, the alcohol should <c>

alexander_survivor (10:56:48 PM): should have done much to kill anything that would make him even more sick, someone had removed the bullet back at the airport so there wasn't the messy job of that to do. The rags she had aquired were not exactly clean but a little alcohol on the wound shold prevent any nasty infections. He decided that a swig of water would be good and offered the now almost empty bottle in exchange for the water. <e>

clandestine_spy_kaori (10:57:54 PM): *She stood just outside of the loft out of view to any passers by. Only an hour before she had been involved in a little skirmish with several agents but was lucky enough to get away with only a flesh wound to her forearm. She immediately became alert at the sound of footsteps and her hand subconciously fell towards her holster where her SternyMeyer 35 rested. As the footsteps got closer she dug herself further back into the wall making sure not to be seen just yet. As the man passed her by she removed her gun and placed it to the back of his head in one fluid motion.* "You sure as hell better hope you're not an agent otherwise this will be the last voice you'll ever here."

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (11:01:30 PM): ::He freezes up immediatly. He lifts his hands slowly so he could see she was unarmed. He spoke with a calm, cool voice.::"Not a chance in Hell. I'd rather shoot myself than work for those slimey bastards." ::He spits on the ground, before reassuming his posture.::"Don't believe me? You can take my gun if you want. Of cours if you want the clips, I'll have to hand em over, least you want to reach in and fumble around in my pockets." ::He smirked a little at his comment, despite his current position.::

adrianna_underground (11:02:41 PM): *she nodded setting the alcohol aside and handing him the water instead, she pouted as he grit his teeth, she hated seeing people like that... but found herself hateing to see him like that more. she tossed aside the shirt she grabbed a rag and wet it a bit and started to clean around the wound looking at it a bit more then to him shakeing her head. " its weird.... last time we were talking it was at an airport. you and your dad were leaveing... except.. you were going to england.. and your dad home to canada... my dad went to see your dad off.. and I went to see you off " she chuckled. "took me 3 hours of begging to get him to let me go alone, you believe that. 16 and he was scared something horribal was gonna happen to me..." she sighed and shook her head. <c>

adrianna_underground (11:06:32 PM): "two years later he was dead... and I was alone. well.. I had left for college just a few months before the plague. " she shook her head again smiling. "M.I.T. just like our dads.... god was he happy. then one day... I get a package in the mail... and that day was the last day of my normal life." as she talked she wrapped his shoulder and bandaged him up and sat beside him just talking. <e>

alexander_survivor (11:09:50 PM): "He just knew i had a crush on you and didn't trust me with his innocent sweet sixteen little girl," He said as he showed her with his hands on hers how best to bind the wound. "Not that i had the nerve to even mention that to you way back then," He smiled and laid back once the binding was done, "It'll take me a while of bed rest for that to heal, god knows how many times i'm gonn have to change that bandage while i'm runnin about like a loon and shootin people," He said almost with a snarl. "Sleepin is gonna be fun, i can't exactly tke pain killers unless we find a chemist that ain't benn ransaked by people looking for a quick way out or a fix. He laughed at the thouhgt, i imagine most of thouse that went down that route wern't even gonna die of the plague. He knew he had developed a <c>

alexander_survivor (11:13:39 PM): wiked sense of humour, he ws reknowned for his bad bed manner and always said the same thing, "You want some nurse joy who keeps you company as you die don't come lookin for me, Docter sarcasm who'll fix it and call ya a fool for shovin it so far up ur ass." He spoke it out loud by accident, he had all ready done his internship at a hospitol and so far had been placed at top of the class, it was only procedure that stoped the hospitol takin him on full time, people frown of students that don't have there formal qualification, they had called him brilliant and he'd managed to keep thouse around him alive long after they should have died. He smiled at Adrianna, "So what you been doin to stay alive?" With his wound fixed he finally felt comfortable enough for soem light conversation.

alexander_survivor (11:13:43 PM): <e>

clandestine_spy_kaori (11:19:14 PM): *She stood outside the door giving 3 loud rapts waiting for someone to answer wincing slightly after having knocked with her injured arm. The man she held at gunpoint earlier , who's name she found out to be Nyoga, proved not to be a threat and pointed her to the loft. "Hello? Nyoga sent me up here and mentioned something about you all being happy to see me? He also said he'd be up a little later after he finished setting some kind of trap or something.

adrianna_underground (11:20:42 PM): A crush? *she smirked "you had a crush on me? you, the one who used to call me cooty girl when we were kids... the one who made me cry at my 10th birthday party infront of all my friends becasue you read out of my diary infront of EVERYONE...." she sighed and smiled shakeing her head as she thought over his next question. "well... you know... agents come.. you take them or they take you... hideing... " she sighed and looked to him as he laid down and got comfy, she didnt even realize she had done it, but she moved her hand and brushed the hair from his face just kinda looking at him for a good while. suddenly a loud knock jarred her from her thought and she blinked and got up looking at the door kinda baffled.. a females voice echoed threw it, she got her gun out and walked over <c>

adrianna_underground (11:22:19 PM): peeking out carefully. she seen the woman and slowley opened the door, she wasnt agent, she could tell agents... she holstered her gun and narroewd her eyes. "did anyone follow you? and how did you find us?" <e>

alexander_survivor (11:28:31 PM): Alexander remained still, throwing thoghts and memories away and trying to focus dispite the alcohol in his system. He pulled the hand gun from his holster that was now laying on the floor. His strength was givng out but he didn't know many female agents so it was unlikly he'd need to move anyway. He gave up after his third attempt and laid against the wall, his gun in his hand laying on the floor. "Who is it?" He called out in a ridiculously high and stupid voice. He was beginign to tire and only Adrianna kept him awake with the questions buzzing around in his mind. He knew only her father could have created this virus, and he knew his own father had put into it. Now however was not the time to talk about such things, she might get all grumpy like she did as a kid and not talk to him <c>

alexander_survivor (11:28:38 PM): for a day or two. <e>

clandestine_spy_kaori (11:36:16 PM): *she shook her head in the negative and held up her hands in a pacifying motion.* I made sure no one follwed me. The last agents i came upon were a ways from here and i've only come across a stray person once or twice since then. I sorta kind of held your friend Nyoga at gunpoint as he came out and seeing that i wasn't an agent pointed me in you all's direction. I guess being around people who aren't bastard agents is better then nothing. At the sound of the man's voice she peeked over the woman's shoulder spying him. She mentally took a tally of the others in the room, something she was accustomed to doing in her line of work.

adrianna_underground (11:42:40 PM): *she nodded and looked to the woman a slight smile crossing her lips. "well.. I did just say earlier that I hoped another woman was alive somewhere.... otherwise these boys might have started a new war.. over me." she laughed and led her in locking hte door behind, she called over to alex with a smile "dont worry.. its another surviver.... she ran into my friend Nyoga outside.... it seems this week will prove to be a brighter one.. we have company to keep pus alive now." she sat beside him again and looked to the woman "my names adrianna.. whats yours?" she was visiably becomming a much happier surviver, the finding of so many people over the past few days, the thoughts of banding together and heading to canada were becoming more and more realistic.. and now with alex it pretty much <c>

alexander_survivor (11:44:49 PM): His eye sight had begun to re-focus by this point. He spotted his bag in a far cornor of the room, He was sure he had slung it over his sholder and there it was in the cornor forgotten about. He groaned as he shifted his wieght and grab it, He began to unpack, the shotty and other weapons were not there but his military rations, sweet, medical kit and scotch were all still there. Along with the explosives he had put in there for some reason and some mecanics tools for the chopper. He sighed ans shrugged, pulling a ration out and opening it, the dry brown rubbery material tasting like card board, but he was hungry and mumbled some thing about "hunger is the best spice," He tossed some to the new stranger and Adrianna. "Names Alexander, sorry about the state i'm in at the moment i should <c>

alexander_survivor (11:46:34 PM): be able to travel in a day or two, less hopefully." He smiled, "I got some travel sweets if ya want some sugar, bit of flavour never hurts niether." He shurgged as he leaned agaisnt the wall chewing the ration. Probably made of some kind of bread but he'd never had the nerve to cheak. <e>

alexander_survivor (11:52:10 PM): [[*reposts so the observers don't get bored]]

alexander_survivor (11:52:21 PM): His eye sight had begun to re-focus by this point. He spotted his bag in a far cornor of the room, He was sure he had slung it over his sholder and there it was in the cornor forgotten about. He groaned as he shifted his wieght and grab it, He began to unpack, the shotty and other weapons were not there but his military rations, sweet, medical kit and scotch were all still there. Along with the explosives he had put in there for some reason and some mecanics tools for the chopper. He sighed ans shrugged, pulling a ration out and opening it, the dry brown rubbery material tasting like card board, but he was hungry and mumbled some thing about "hunger is the best spice," He tossed some to the new stranger and Adrianna. "Names Alexander, sorry about the state i'm in at the moment i should <c>

alexander_survivor (11:52:30 PM): be able to travel in a day or two, less hopefully." He smiled, "I got some travel sweets if ya want some sugar, bit of flavour never hurts niether." He shurgged as he leaned agaisnt the wall chewing the ration. Probably made of some kind of bread but he'd never had the nerve to cheak. <e>

clandestine_spy_kaori (11:54:27 PM): *stepping in she took a seat on the ground sitting indian style glancing around the place. She heaved a sigh just happy to be in the company of the 'good guys'. "The name's Kaori, nice to meet the both of you." She said with a nod to them. "How long have you guys been hiding out here?" She asked. At the mention of sweets her spirits were lifted and she smiled. "If you have chocolate then there may be hope for us after all."

adrianna_underground (11:55:50 PM): *she smirked shakeing her head as she looked back at alex, since he opened his eyes he had been nothing but sarcasticly funny.. and it made her smile.. its exactly what she needed in all this time of plague and... uncertinty. she had a room full of people who were all alive.. who all had a special quality about them that kept them on this earth for some reason, and to her, the reason was clear. they were here to help. here to survive and help those who were still alive stay that way. and together they could make it across the strict protection of border security into Canada... to the professor... Alexs dad. she looked to Kaori and smiled. "well... to be honest this room was empty except for me up untill two days ago... seems fate.. or.. something starting pulling people together. <c>

adrianna_underground (11:59:37 PM): she noted the still sleeping Baxter and Seph and Andon "An attack at the mall.. the forces that be had us all there at once.... " she nodded to Alex "this nuckle head I actualy knew for years.. but refound him at the mall that day too... Nyoga lived in a building a few blocks away.. however I and he never knew we existed till yesterday. and.. well... the guy out in the hall that we wouldent let in... he... he isnt and agent.. but he isnt one of the good guys.. not to me atleast." she lowered her head a bit and sighed remembering what he had done to her.. and her father... she then looked up and foced a smile "'but hey... maybe there is more out there and well find them too.. and then.. we can plan and together it will be easier to fight the wreched agents that come at us. we actualy stand one hell of a fighting chance now... well.. unless they keep sleeping.. then were seriously fuct." she laughed a bit. <E>





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