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The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
open char
Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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adrianna_underground (8:15:10 PM): we all started off seperatly of course, the people playing were baxter, Alex, Sephiroth, Aodon and myself

adrianna_underground (8:16:35 PM): Baxter was a bit off in a fielded area, I was around a square of an old mall Sephiroth was in a building he used to live in which was close to mine and Aodon was in the street down a few block.. alex was miles away in an airport.

adrianna_underground (8:18:42 PM): it all started with my char going down to the mall by the river and just thinking, upon agravating myself with thought I stood up and relankwished my anger verbaly and screamed loud, this was heard by Baxter who in return called back to ask where I was, but then I heard Aodon scream something as well and heavy ran began to fall.

adrianna_underground (8:20:11 PM): the sound of gunfire echoed from two directions. first baxters then Aodons. Sephiroth had walked out angered and started shooting at old broken windows, which just happned to be past Aodon.. so they met first. I hid in the mall by a windowed area to peek out. I thought it was a group of agents after me and the book

adrianna_underground (8:21:17 PM): As I tried to hide and the newly aquainted Sephiroth and Aodon headed tword the mall Baxter quietly snuck up hearing voices and sunfire and hid himself in the darkness of a window front to an old looted shop

adrianna_underground (8:25:01 PM): Aodon and Seph came in and found me and reasured me they werent agensts.. and they werent dressed like them and they very well didnt do anything to threaten or harm me, but I drew gun in fear, after a few moments discussion my gun was put away and we started to talk.... when Agents poured from the glass dome above the malls roof. Aodon and Seph dropped and got their guns and I went to but I was attacked first. Aodon got away and Seph as well. The agent had me by the throat when Baxter stepped out from the dark and screamed, the agents spun to him and he took them down with his rifle. he then aimed tword me in cunfussion. he shot the tiles before me just to get my attention and upon a breif talk I realized he was virtualy brainwashed and confuzzed on many levels.

adrianna_underground (8:26:59 PM): basicly he was sitting in a control tower drinking away the day and just hanging out when he went to take somethhing out of the building, he tripped on what he thought was a dead agent, but it was a set up. he shot him in the head and ran hearing shots from elsewhere and eventualy was shot in the shoulder himself

adrianna_underground (8:28:29 PM): an agent standing over him pressed his gun to Alex's temple and when he closed his eyes he heard the shot, but one of the other men alive had shot the agent, another agent shot his last remaining chum that was alive and Alex shot that agent and passed out. when he woke he found his shoulder acheing with pain and bleeding all over, then his 3 chums all dead

adrianna_underground (8:31:04 PM): he drank more to dull the pain and went into one of the hangers where there was an old chopper one of his chums had been fixing, it wasnt enough to get to canada but he had actualy tinkered enough with the radios in the control tower (ran of what was left of the generators) to hear agents were sending in another round of men to attack a group of civilians. and him being drunk he climbed in and made the 5 mile wobbly flight to where the attack was headed

adrianna_underground (8:32:40 PM): back at the mall, I heard the chopper and took Baxters hand and lead him up tword a corridor leading out threw another building when we ran back into seph.. who was also drunk... he had decided to hit the old wine and spirits shop because he said he didnt care anymore. suddenly we hear a crash down the end of the corridor after a bit of gunfire.

adrianna_underground (8:34:22 PM): Alex had been fireing at agents heading in the corridor threw a hole.. and instead of trying to land.. he crashed into where they were going in pretty much killing most of them and wounding a good few. her fell out of the chopper and feel over drunk. we ran down and found him and the dead agents. I had baxter take him over his shoulder and carry him, seph followed and as we were leaveing the few agents not dead came

adrianna_underground (8:34:54 PM): Seph said for us to run and he would catch up, but we hid and waited to make sure... make sure that all agents were dead... not that seph lived :-p

adrianna_underground (8:36:21 PM): he killed them and the 4 of us ran back to where I was staying, an old buildings loft. we locked it all up once inside and we set alex down and baxter sat and staired off while seph and I talked minimaly. we decided we would look for Aodon next day when things were clear.... and there we are.

adrianna_underground (8:49:54 PM): *her and seph had pretty much just had it out over the plague. he was being a dick. but he calmed down. she sighed and started to get up. she looked to seph and then alex. "Seph.. you stay here and keep an eye on the stranger... Baxter.. you wanna come with me? I.. I need to get out of here for a minute." she didnt care how dangerous it was outside.. she needed a walk to cool her head. after what seph had said about her and her father, she just needed that out.. and baxter seemed the good choice.. he wouldent pry at her for her feeling to see what was wrong, and if attacked, it would be better to have 4 fighting hands.

agent_baxter_13 (8:53:54 PM): ;;Baxter gave a glance to all of them his eyes staying on Seph for a long while and for a second it looked as though he might be about to jab him in the gut with his rifle but after a moment the look subsided and he took Adrianna's hand. Hold his rifle tighlty in the other . He mumbled lightly to himself as ushal but it was all very calm notthing that hinted at any metal anguish.:; ...rain....rainy...days....washington.....

adrianna_underground (9:02:34 PM): *she smiled meakly once more, she felt him take her hand and it was rather strange, how was he so open to her when his first intent may have been to kill her. she just blinked it off her mind and lead outside, closeing the doors and makeing sure it was secure for seph inside.. though he had been a jerk.. he had two guns... she kept to the shadow but she didnt have to agents never did their wok in the dark anymore. their wasnt enough of them left to warent it. down the long block past the huge buildings. a turn made left her on wallstreet, the massively architectural masterpeices new York had been so famous for had started to look like the acropolis. she sighed and looked up to baxter tilting her head, his hand still holding onto hers. he was really calm... and when he wasnt fireing <c>

adrianna_underground (9:03:08 PM): off rounds at agents he had a docile feel to him. she just blinked and turned her face back to the street and kept walking. <e>

agent_baxter_13 (9:08:21 PM): :;He was rather like water in that sence that he could be a raging force one moment and calm and stedy the next. It was unline him to be with anyother person but when he found those few individuals that were willing to give him time he stayed with them. The farmer had been like her, he had taken in the half starved man and fed him even gave him somethign to do by working the feild but all that ended the day the agents came. They were wearing ties and suits when they shot the famer....and so that stuck in his mind they were all suits....and he hated suits...with that famers rifle he vowed to kill them but most of all the one that shot them a man with short black hair and cool blue eyes:;

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (9:09:26 PM): ::He sat in silence in the dark room he was in... It wasn't exactly completely dark as he had managed to scrounge up a battery powered lamp and a few batteries. He set it up on a table in the middle of the room he was in which was littered with various objects. Empty shells, paint cans, a pick, a couple rusty bear traps, large rolls of sheet paper, and a radio which he had hot wried to pick up any relativly close transmissions. But in order for it to even work it needed certain batteries of which he was unable to find. And they had to be in the building anyway so it was a pointless device. There was also large piles of broke up tiles in the room. Finishing off the decore was a table and atop of which layed several stocks, a large silver suitcase, and a handgun. He was currently leaning<C>

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (9:15:00 PM): back in an iron wrought, plastic back, rather stiff chair. He sets the four legs flat and sighes, closing his eyes. He knew there were survivors... If he lived so did others. There had to be. And would they be in any condition to help him? He hoped so. The urge for vengence grew stronger as he looked over at the special stocks that he had managed to find. He shook his head and took a deep breath.::"Rage only clouds your judgement." ::He said to himself. He had topped out in his 'classes' with the radicals he had been with. Rather good marksman and a specialist in booby traps. He looked to the pick. He thought about how he would have to finish placing his traps near the enterance. His escape route was the only thing currently armed. All he had in the front was a simple tripwire alarm.::<e>

adrianna_underground (9:18:22 PM): *she stopped dead in her tracks. she looked up to one of the old goverment building. she noticed something diffrent about it from a few days ago when she passed it. she looekd to baxter and bit her lip. "I.. I think we should check that out.. their might be agents inside.. the door wasnt left that way a few days ago.. if they are in there.. there stalking us.. we gotta find out.. I gotta...." she took her hand from his after a reassuring squeeze and nodded "you with me?" her blinked looking up to his eyes, so vacant in a way, but understanding too. <e>

agent_baxter_13 (9:23:19 PM): ;;He Held the rifle like and experinced soldier and lowered himself to a crowch. He gave a light mumble of the word;; suits.... ;;Then he locked back and foward the bolt on his rifle and placed himself near but not untop of her to show that he would follow:;

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (9:27:15 PM): ::He sighes softly. He hoped that these stocks he had found would be able to help him reform the organization he had been with. He would need help if he planned to form a counter strike on the government that had pretty much killed the whole nation. He spits on the floor in disgust and sighes, closing his eyes for a slight nap.::

adrianna_underground (9:33:59 PM): *she looked to baxter behind her and nodded. she thurned attention to the building and started walking up the steps tword the front doors. she lead baxter inside. so far it was nothing.. they checked offices and halls and stairwells, she sighed thinking it was nothing but her mind now when she noticed a map on the wall nameing all the offices and floors.. they hadent been into the basment level... underground. she looked back to baxter and nodded for him to follow her. threw a door, the darkness loomed, she was quiet and carefull... she walked slowley and stoped with a light gasp feeling a wire agenst her shins. "Fuck.. baxter dont move!" she said when she suddenly felt something horribal start to take place. <e>

agent_baxter_13 (9:36:12 PM): ;;Baxter held himself at a kneels and seemed to compelty zoned out his rifle paned around the room but he really didnt seem to be aiming it was rather like his body was doing the motions and his mind was not even in on it:

agent_baxter_13 (9:39:00 PM): ;;Baxter held himself at a kneels and seemed to compelty zoned out his rifle paned around the room but he really didnt seem to be aiming it was rather like his body was doing the motions and his mind was not even in on it:

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (9:41:05 PM): ::Suddenly there was a somewhat audible hissing noise followed by several bangs. Normally they wouldn't have been to loud but the room was large and created a rather noisy echo. Immediatly, he snapped again and snatched his gun off the table. He holds onto it with both hands, resting againsts the doorsill some as he looks around the corner so see what was going on. He could see in the dark room having spent a while in it, with the addition of the light let in from the door upstairs. He crouches down and begins stalking closer to see who it was. He calls out, throwing his voice a bit with the echo.::"Who's there?!"

adrianna_underground (9:48:45 PM): *she gasped and jumped back her guns aimed at the voice from where it was heard, she panted and gulped shakeing her head. "..that all depends.. whos over there?" she looked over her shoulder to baxter, still suprisingly dazed then back to the voice ".... Agents dont ask questions.. so I'm glad to hear you ask actualy.... your a surviver too then?" <e>

agent_baxter_13 (9:53:00 PM): ;;Baxter was looking one way but his rifle was pointed at the man voice thrown or not he found him somehow but since he was looking the other way it wasn't like he was much of a threat. Seeming to understand the conversation a little bit he mumbled to himself;; Damn suits....kill suits.....fucking suits.....only ....;he seemed to not have a name for survivors;:

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (9:54:22 PM): "I'm asking the questions." ::He says sternly. He could feel a bit of nervous sweat on his forehead. He looks at the two... Formidable from the looks of their weapons and how they handled them... or at least one of them, cocking a brow as he sees the man with his head turned and his gun pointed straight at him.::"Who are you and why are you here?" ::He asks firmly, holding his finger on the trigger just in case.::

adrianna_underground (9:57:51 PM): *Adrianna seem him peer out, she looked to baxter again and put one of her guns away the other to her side and put her hand over baxters rifle lowering it. "baxter.. its ok... promise..." she looked back and called out. "...Just another surviver.... well two of us.. two more back at my loft...." she shook her head. "the agents attacked us yesterday.. I seen the door open.. and figured old government facility.. maybe they were hideing here.. and.... i'm sure you can figure the rest...."

agent_baxter_13 (10:01:11 PM): :;Baxter let his rifle be pushed down then slipped himself a bit infront of Adrianna a bit like a bullet sheild. Perhaps he was afraid he would lose her too some how or maybe he just wanted to be a step ahead of her so much about his mind was unclear:;

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (10:20:42 PM): ::He slowly lowers his gun as he treads forward carefully. He narrows his eyes a bit, looking towards the stairs quietly, making sure no others joined. Finally, his gun was at his side, pointed at the ground. He looks at them quietly, circling them a bit slowly in curiousity.::"Definantly aren't agents." ::He stops in front of her. He holds out his hand.::"I'm Nyoga. It's nice to finally meet another survivor." ::The relief in his voice was boundless.::

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (10:23:03 PM): The stood quit as the shadows around him as his eyes acclimated to the dark that hung in the air like a laden hazes. His body tensed as the silences so love by those who hide is broken like the shattering of glass it rings out in the air. The sound of thudding feet echoes out in the dark hallways, quick followed by rooming beams of light as they peer in to the darkest of corners. His eyes sift as he sat still in the side room, his ears pick up the faint radio chatter between the Nevermore agents. They spoke of the girl and the other man that he left behind as he chased down the agent who ran for back up, how they had got away. This brought a faint smile to his lips as he looked around for his on way out, he could run but they would catch him easily. His surrounding were

adrianna_underground (10:24:16 PM): *she smiled a bit with a nod and chuckled extending her hand to him shakeing it. "yeah... me to... 4 months of not seeing a soul and I find myself meeting all these people.. kinda odd.. but refreshing for the most part." she looked back to baxter then back to Nyoga "I'm Adrianna.. and this is baxter.. I met with him yesterday... he dosent speak much. theres 2 others back at the loft as I said.. and.. one has gone MIA.. were hopeing to find him... we all met yesterday in the attack.. I think we might have sosmehow been.. rounded up.. I dunno... but we arent alone now atleast...."

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (10:25:38 PM): opportunity, a broke down elevator shaft, a few pipes along the walls and a whole lot of armed men heading his way. As the thunder of his mind strike in a might brain storm he gets a plan, he looked the pipes over a few time and smiled. Stepping back he spreads his heat and slings his foot out like a shot cracking the pipe in half, it hiss loudly as and clear gas frees its self. The sound of the feet picked up as they many a B line for the sound of the braking pipe, the air quick getting heavy with the gas‚&#8364;¶ as the first men round the corner he slides in to the elevator shaft firing a couple of rounds at the pipe. The room busters into flames torching the agents as he slid down the lines the flames chasing after. <E>

agent_baxter_13 (10:37:23 PM): ::Baxter's eyes lost their dream like glaze as he felt the thud in his chest of a massive explosion not too far away. His hands immideatly grasped and wraped about his rilfe as he mouthed the word;; Suits.....more suits.... :;He became very agressive and grited his teeth moving towards the enterence they had came in very quickly;:

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (10:41:54 PM): ::He could also feel the explosion and winced a bit.... Good, his traps weren't released.... He hurried skirts over to the stairs and aims up, carefull for any kind of agent that might worm his way downstairs. He looks to Baxter, grumbling a bit. He swiftly holsters his gun and spins on his foot. He knew, whatever the explosion was, it was going to hinder the agents progress. Be it a few minutes, hours, seconds, it was all he needed. He jogs into the small room he had been sitting in previously and gathers his stuff. He slams two clips and the stocks into the suitcase and slams it shut, latching it. He hurries back out to the others, lamp in hand.::"If they come here we need to leave. There is another exit down the hall but you'll have to step where I step. I've got traps and tiles everywhere."

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (10:46:00 PM): He slide down the elevator cords at top speed the flames of the explode gas pipe like its lips as it chased after him. The scream of the Nevermore agents was muffled by the roar of the flame as it engulfed them like a starving beast. His feet hit first as he coiled through the top of the old rolling out and onto the floor of the ground floor, the flames come ripping out as the elevator slide down to the basement with a massive crash that shuck the foundation. He lay there upon the floor breathing hard as the air finality catches up with his beat heart and lungs, his fist still cling tight to the cord they ones held. His white gloves where almost worn through from rubbing along the metal rope, his finger shuck form the shock. His eyes open as he shakes his head

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (10:47:46 PM): these crazy escapes even when it took them to get away. Pushing himself up as if out of his own grave, these near death thinks tuck a lot out of ya, laughing a little he stand dust his white trench coat free of the dust. His body trembled a little form the pulsing adrenalin that coursed his body like a nos fueled street car, his mind was quick putting all the mess together‚&#8364;¶ the O type blood, the government virus weapon, and how they used him and other to kill off the sick.<E>

adrianna_underground (10:55:21 PM): *she looked back with a thud of explosion in her ears. she sighed noticeing the two guys getting all uptight and she narrowed her eyes and spoke loud to them "Calm down would yas.. that explosion was blocks away.... their no where near her yet, we have time to get out of here.. find where its comming from and with 6 hands... help out whomever else it is whos being attacked." she stepped ahead of them and nodded "now were gonna do this calmly.. otherwise we might as well consider our selves dead now." she looked to them and nodded "ok?" <e>

agent_baxter_13 (10:57:28 PM): ;;Baxter didnt seem to want to move he could see the street from where he was standing and as he droped down onto his stomach and brought the scope to his eyes it was clear he was staying. He mumbled to them as best he could but this was hard since he had already began to concentrate on where he was aming his rifle.;; I'll No suits get Adriana or caseman. No more....farmmer no more dead.

forlorn_and_forgotten_hopes (10:59:15 PM): "If their so far away then we should probably go now and cover some ground. No sense staying here to find out who made that bang. I'd rather get caught running then get boxed in." ::He says simply and turns on his heel. He hurries over to the hallway, stopping. He looks along the ground, noticing special 'markers' he'd left so he wouldn't step on the trap tiles. He steps along carefully and slowly. He looks back at them, checking to see if they followed.::

adrianna_underground (11:02:42 PM): *she looked down to baxter and knelt down beside him her hand on his shoulder.* c'mon baxter.. it'll be ok I promise... Nyoga can stay here and... we can find the agents and lure them back here.. then he can take us threw his tras and they will fiollow and the traps will have them." she smiled softly tilting her head "cmon.. we have to save whoever their after.. it might be the guy from yesterday... or someone else...."

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:03:12 PM): The dust fell from his white leather trench coat in sheets as his gloved hands brushes it away, his eye lay shut as his mind works over and over. His mind stung with the facts as they swam around like fish in a slowly closing tank, as his mind narrows down to his own truth. His breath catches up with him finely as he flipped out his collar and reload his to hand guns, flicking the revolver like cambers back in as they lock with a click. His guns were special issued to Nevermore officers, they held 8 rounds and looked much like a Desert Eagle, it with a revolver camber. The rounds where far to powerful to be held in the machines of a clip load gun, it would blow the gun to pieces. He slide them back into there holsters upon his back and head out as he flicked the hair from his eyes. ...<c

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:05:06 PM): A new shoulder bag hung from his left shoulder field with a few things he had got on his hunt for the agent who want to cry wolf. He stayed back out of the lights as he walked along the back alleyways he picked up speed jogging along as he head for the mall. His foots steps where fast yet where light as they hardly had an echo. <e>

agent_baxter_13 (11:13:25 PM): ;;Baxter rose off the ground slowly and brought the scope down from his eye. She had a certin quality that bought him out of his dazes much quicker then he could ever do. He aimed his rifle up then let it slip from his grip and caught it by the stock before it could hitting the gournd. He tossed the strap over his shoulder and glanced at Adrianna his eyes showing a tinny bit of understanding.:; strong. ::he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand then began to dash off keeping low and to cover as he was once trained to do;:

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:19:13 PM): The bag on the other hand made quite a bit of noise, well at lest compared to his on sound; it was like the base thumped out at a violin solo. They bag clinked and clanged lightly as the things inside hit one other; it chimed out in the empty alleyway like a cat's collar bell. His eyes stared straight a head yet eh seem to see all a head of him like glass orbs they pull in all that was around them seeing in fine detail what lay ahead, above, and to either side. It could have been his training, or the adrenalin that still ran his body and senses on high. His mind was clear at the moment he had forces the ramped thought back, he had to get back to them, they held the truth‚&#8364;¶ and possibly his only redemption for all the innocent lives he had taken. His feet only touched the ground a...<c><

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:21:37 PM): short time before back up they went, he covered a lot of ground as he went along. His long trench coat flapped like wings as the air rushed past him, his hair moved like robins wings as he made a B-line for the mall. He looked to his left as he hears foot steps running along the road, before thought could catch up with action he was against the wall with guns drawn. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end as he wait the foot steps getting closer and closer‚&#8364;¶ <E>

adrianna_underground (11:23:51 PM): *she blinked as a reaction to how he was acting. she sighed as he went ahead covering the area. she followed slowley at first, then she drew her guns and checked her ammo and followed keeping behind him closely but not to close. once outside she looked down the block each way. "baxter.. do you remember the mall? from yesterday?" she licked her lips gulping "I think the explosions are near there... " she kept close to the buildings, she passed baxter a bit and looked past a corner the street was clear. she motioned for baxter to run with her as she crossed the street. once across safely she looked around again and motioned tword the building with smoke billowing from it. footsteps closer tword the corner. she heard them stop. she held her hand up and stopped herself and baxter. <e>

adrianna_underground (11:26:11 PM): *she knelt down on the ground and peeked past the corner, a spot most wouldent thing to look from, she seen white coat and pulled back and sighed with releif.. but his guns were ready, meaning he was still being chased, she licked her lips and spoke past the corner for him to hear. " scared us yesterday running off like that. we thought you were gonna be dead for sure." she looked to baxter and felt releived a bit and spoke past the corner again. "its me... from the mall.. the girl... not gonna shoot me if I come past this corner are you?" <e>

agent_baxter_13 (11:31:29 PM): ::Baxter held a good and rather strange smile as he looked past the her and the man and aimed his gun right at her chest then placed the stock on her shoulder like she was a sationary object.;; hold.....:;He mumbled to her softly as his eye grew to the size of a neelde head and the cross hairs of his rifle fixated on a man some distance away holding a radio in one hand and a combat rifle in the other;: No colect calls.....;:He fired one shot and a second before the echo of the first had ended some distance away a radio shattered then the head it had been held to. Feeling his task was done he lifted the rifle and sat down looking very tired;:

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:38:34 PM): She felt the tap of cold steel atop her head as she rest there with her back to the adjacent corner, as she peers up he is sitting there in a window with his arms fold on the windw ceil and a gun in hand. Looking down at her with a smiling his hearts slows as he nods saying ‚&#8364;¶" Well I don't recall but if you hummed me a few bars‚&#8364;¶" Unknown to them he had set his coat atop and old dumpster and let his guns hang from the sleeves, as it rest there it could look to be him with just a peak. He had slipped in a window and waited for whom ever to come up to the corner, he kicked off the floor and land next to them as he jumped out of the window, after sliding one of the guns back in its holster. Walking around he slings his coat on and slide the other gun it its holster, as he puts his new...

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:40:44 PM): duffle bag back over his shoulder. Truing around he looked at them and smiled at the new man as he looks over to where his shot had dropped a man. "Well I don't know who the new friend is but he is a Hell of a Shot‚&#8364;¶" Smiling he past him on the back and looks at them, leaning back he says jokingly‚&#8364;¶" Well how are the kids ‚&#8364;¶ all right no more small talk‚&#8364;¶ I want to know all you know about this virus." He was sick of being a puppet and not knowing the truth, he new what Nevermore was doing was wrong ‚&#8364;¶ but he had to know how it all started‚&#8364;¶ he was a man who had to have justification for his actions. <E>

agent_baxter_13 (11:45:06 PM): :;Baxter glanced at the man closely for a long moment. He raised his rifle and waited for that tingle in his mind he knew as memory....then it came.;; You.....not suit.....some....something......;;He seemed to suddenly get a burst of things in his head but it was all broken images and words that he didnt quite know how to fit together. He showed the black braclet to him It was not a name tag as he had thought or as everyone he met had thought it was a tag though:; Baxter...I'm not baxter.

adrianna_underground (11:47:11 PM): *she looked up at the gun tapping her forhead and narrowed her eyes "very smart... and kindof annoying. but had to killed me.. effective.. so smart." she sighed and looekd to him as he jumped out, she blinked noticeing his jacket off and narrowed her eyes, she noticed his tatto and sighed blinking.. she reconized it but not really remembering it. she shook her head and looked to baxter then to white coat. "he shot one of the agents that was trying to kill me.. he was a marine... now.. hes with us." she looked back to white coat as he put his coat back on and nodded to his questioning the plague. "I'll tell you everything where were safe... follow us and well hit the lost.. your buddy is there... and another stranger we came across.. hes passed out though.... and later we will have to <c>

adrianna_underground (11:48:49 PM): go back and find another whos living down here.. hes setting traps for agents.. were gonna lure them and get them in one shoot..." she sighed looking to baxter again as he spoke she wished she knew what it was he tried so desperitly to remember.. but she didnt. she looked from one to the other and nodded "c'mon.. before morning dawns and they find us easier." <e>

agent_baxter_13 (11:55:05 PM): ;;Baxter mumbles to himself taking Adrianna's hand;; Ryan....:;He keeps his eyes closed a bit but the memories he was tying to call back fade into nothingness and he finds himself thiking Baxter was not a bad name. He even called himself that in his head since for the longest time he didnt think he was alive and needed a name;:

rebelfighter_of_a_dieingworld (11:59:57 PM): He looked to the odd man then to the bracelet on his wrested, frowning a little he nods, as he looked away thinking to himself. "Yeah I know what that is ‚&#8364;¶ and it ani't your name‚&#8364;¶" Take a deep breath he sighed and look back at them with his ragging sea colored eyes, his lips part as he starts to speak. "When the virus first broke out the government was at a lost ‚&#8364;¶ or as I thought‚&#8364;¶ but quick they start to work at it from many angles‚&#8364;¶ one of them the agents or the Nevermore Project‚&#8364;¶ the other a field project know as BAXTER‚&#8364;¶it was a cure they thought‚&#8364;¶ but it field many good men died for testing of it‚&#8364;¶ all of them Marines. It was some kind of genome experiments and experimental drugs.. it was a dark day for that team." He lowered his head as he grab at his left arm where the Nevermore tattoo rested, he was deeply shamed by who he was but never again he was going to stop Nevermore. Looking up to her he nods as he starts heading for the mall. "You can fill me in on all that plague stuff there‚&#8364;¶" He hoped what he told the man helped he seem to be a troubled soul like he, at war with his own mind and morals.




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