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Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent

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Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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Gn. Slate De Graven

After the plague start popping up in numbers of city through out the US, the United States Government start to cover up by trying to save the US citizens at first. The Baxter Project was one of the many attempts to solve the raging plague, through Genius Therapy and Heavy Medications that altered the human DNA structure they hope to make the human races resistant to the plague. Yet it failed, killing all the marines that signed up to join the Projected, the loses of many of there good men maid the US Military take things into there own hands. Those unto the birth of the Nevermore Project at first they where created as a Tactical Hazard Locating and Quarantining Team, they where to round up all sick and died and separated them from the health pollutions. That only lead to still more death and infections of all whom where apart of it, and the infection still seem to spread. So unknown to the solders of the Nevermore Projected, the true fact was that the plague was all he governments faulted, and they where brought in to bring to cover that up. With that they government maid it so called "Hardest Choices Very..." when they a sign the Nevermore Project as a SBT or aks a Sweep and Burn Team. They where to hunt down all sick and infected and "Save Them" from there own infected being, or so they explained it, then they where to burn the bodies to kill the infection. Many teams where sent to Different heavy infected places, New York being a big one at that that was why they sent Gn. Slate De Graven. One of the most decorated Special Forces Generals, he quickly took control of New York and start a wide spread Sweep and Burn. He killed the city of quick and clean leavening little under cared to and only losing one soldier in the action, a one Andon Lee Ferdinand, a well train man and killer top in his class. As Slate sides "To build a house you have to brake a few tools in the process." He was heartless in his actions of alimented the infections that spread across the land, earning him the nick name in the under ground Gn. Gravedigger.


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