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Shusauna - Survivor

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Shusauna - Survivor
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Shusauna Louden

She was a sophomore at Yale when it happened, having just switched her major from Chemistry to Psychology, full of hope and a new inspiration for her future. She played field hockey and was an active member of the student body, also a devoted catholic. Loved by her parents and admired by her 3 younger sisters who still lived back home in New Hampshire. She was the picture of pre-adult perfection. When people began to die, she tried to care for her sorority sisters only to have them die in her hands. She called home to no answer, and then no dial tone at all. After camping on the school grounds for perhaps 6 months, she finally packed up and started south, figuring there was no chance of getting into Canada. When faced with Agents she runs, when faced with fear she prays, hoping to God that there are others left, questioning and cursing her own mysterious survival each day. So she wanders without directions, losing grasp on reality little by little.


...Why am I still alive?...

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