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The Story
The Story
Adrianna - The Bookkeeper
Alexander - The Professors Son
Professor Peterson
Nyoga X - Radical
Kaori - The Spy
Andon - White Coat
Baxter - Unknown
Sephiroth - Rebel Agent
Gen - Survivor
open char
Shusauna - Survivor
Chase - Survivor
Jonathan - Survivor
Keeper - Hand For Hire
Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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In the Beginning...

They all started off seperatly of course. Baxter, Alex, Sephiroth, Aodon and Adrianna. Baxter was a bit off in a fielded area, Adrianna was around a square of an old mall Sephiroth was in a building he used to live in which was close to mine and Aodon was in the street down a few block... Alex was miles away in an airport. it all started with Adrianna going down to the mall by the river and just thinking, upon agravating herself with thought she stood up and relankwished her anger verbaly and screamed loud, this was heard by Baxter who in return called back to ask where she was, but then Adrianna heard Aodon scream something as well and heavy ran began to fall. the sound of gunfire echoed from two directions.

first baxters then Aodons. Sephiroth had walked out angered and started shooting at old broken windows, which just happned to be past Aodon.. so they met first. Adrianna hid in the mall by a windowed area to peek out. She thought it was a group of agents after her and the book. As she tried to hide and the newly aquainted Sephiroth and Aodon headed tword the mall Baxter quietly snuck up hearing voices and sunfire and hid himself in the darkness of a window front to an old looted shop. Aodon and Seph came in and found Adrianna and reasured her they werent agensts.. and they werent dressed like them and they very well didnt do anything to threaten or harm her, but she drew gun in fear, after a few moments discussion her gun was put away and they started to talk.... when Agents poured from the glass dome above the malls roof.

Aodon and Seph dropped and got their guns and Adrianna went to but she was attacked first. Aodon got away and Seph as well. The agent had Adrianna by the throat when Baxter stepped out from the dark and screamed, the agents spun to him and he took them down with his rifle. he then aimed tword Adrianna in cunfussion. he shot the tiles before her just to get attention and upon a breif talk she realized he was virtualy brainwashed and confuzzed on many levels. all the while alex set himself up quite well in the airport. basicly he was sitting in a control tower drinking away the day and just hanging out when he went to take somethhing out of the building, he tripped on what he thought was a dead agent, but it was a set up.

he shot him in the head and ran hearing shots from elsewhere and eventualy was shot in the shoulder himself an agent standing over him pressed his gun to Alex's temple and when he closed his eyes he heard the shot, but one of the other men alive had shot the agent, another agent shot his last remaining chum that was alive and Alex shot that agent and passed out. when he woke he found his shoulder acheing with pain and bleeding all over, then his 3 chums all dead he drank more to dull the pain and went into one of the hangers where there was an old chopper one of his chums had been fixing, it wasnt enough to get to canada but he had actualy tinkered enough with the radios in the control tower (ran of what was left of the generators) to hear agents were sending in another round of men to attack a group of civilians.

and him being drunk he climbed in and made the 5 mile wobbly flight to where the attack was headed back at the mall, Adrianna heard the chopper and took Baxters hand and lead him up tword a corridor leading out threw another building when they ran back into seph.. who was also drunk... he had decided to hit the old wine and spirits shop because he said he didnt care anymore. suddenly they hear a crash down the end of the corridor after a bit of gunfire. Alex had been fireing at agents heading in the corridor threw a hole.. and instead of trying to land.. he crashed into where they were going in pretty much killing most of them and wounding a good few.

he fell out of the chopper and feel over drunk. They ran down and found him and the dead agents. Adrianna had baxter take him over his shoulder and carry him, seph followed and as we were leaveing the few agents not dead came Seph said for them to run and he would catch up, but they hid and waited to make sure... make sure that all agents were dead... he killed them and the 4 ran back to where Adrianna was staying, an old buildings loft. They locked it all up once inside and set alex down and baxter sat and staired off while seph and Adrianna talked minimaly. They decided they would look for Aodon (white coat) next day when things were clear.

The next day came... and night as well. all was silent and Seph agreed to keep back and watch over the new stranger who had crashed his chopper into the agents. So causiously Baxter and Adrianna head out in search of the man in the white coat they had met the day before. down past the mall, up a few streets just looking and Adrianna noticed one buildings door open. striking her as odd she and baxter go in to investigate when they trip a wire creating a loud noise. guns drawn and aimed to ne another a new face enters. a man dressed in white, but not the same man. this one had hair matching his clothes, just as white and his voice called to adrianna demending to know who it was, not an agents way of welcoming, they shoot first and ask later. after a few minutes of talking with guns drawn, their arms were dropped and a meeting took place between baxter adrianna and the new stranger Nyoga. an explosion sends all heads jerking tword it, White Coat, he was still fighting and running from the Agents. He had managed to blow up a good deal of agents after him and escape by an old elevator shaft that lead to the exit he would need. Nyoga stays behind to work on some traps while baxter and adrianna head out to take on the agent swine.

While being careful not to be caught they found white coat and baxter killed another agent who was heading for them. the three trek back to the loft where Seph is keeping an eye on the stranger from the chopper, Adrianna will return with a small posse tomorrow to make sure Nyoga is still alive and see if he wishes to join the group at the loft... because together this group may actualy have a chance to live.. and get to canada to Professor Peterson. But first they have to figure out who this stranger was... and no matter how hard she tried. Adrianna couldent help but feel she knew him.

The small posse to get Nyoga became Adriannas single handed quest. everyone else lay asleep and ill for the most part to even think of joining her. she made it to the building with no trouble and after talking with nyoga for a few minutes an agent shootout was heard, Adrianna drew her gun and made for the fight. An agent darted past the door and adrianna after him, just before he could shoot the survivor he chased she emptied her chaimber into his brain. running over the the survivor she stopped dead in her tracks and seen him... his name was Tyler Stone. She was in shock to see him. she froze, her gun fell from her grasp and she shook her head in disbelief. she wasnt pleased to see this man.

As he tried to speak to her she refussed and her and nyoga made for the loft, he followed and kept behind. he didnt go inside since he wasnt welcomed. but he hung outside out of the sight of agents with the hope Adrianna might give him a chance to explain himself. Nyoga spoke only breifly as Adrianna checked over the passed out stranger who seemed so strangly familier to her. Was her mind that destroyed from lack of company. Had she blacked out something she shouldent have? Then he stired and woke, she seen his eyes and heard his voice and gasped. It was Alex.

A long lost friend she had longed to see for so many years since he left for college in england. his father and hers were the best of friends growing up, went to college together and all. his father, professor peterson, the one man who might be the only one who could help. Nyoga decided to head back to his building and gaterha few things and when he would return he could set some traps. Upon leaveing he felt a gun pressed to his forhead. A woman held the gun, her name, Kaori. once a spy she learned how to do things quietly, like sneaking up on Nyoga, lucky for him she was no harm and lucky for her, he showed her to the loft before heading back to the building.

Once inside she met Alex and Adrianna. They talked and had some food before she decided to go off and make sure that Nyoga was alright. everyone else laid asleep, Andon woke breifly only to retun to his spot by the window and returned to his slumber. they were all tired, and it was safe to sleep really with others around. so they took advantage. Alex and Adrianna talked alot... about how things were... about themselves... and their fathers... their two fathers who created the plague that was unleashed onto this nation.

They decided they would make for canada and whomever would join them from the group would be more than welcome. they found they had both been sent parts of the plagues antidote. and that the onlyway it could be compleated was to have both haves, and now they were together the formula for the antidote.. and Alex and Adrianna. Alex had lost alot of blood and had still been a bit drunk from his adventure the days prior and that would warrent crazy talk in anyone. but what he told Adrianna wasnt so crazy, not to her. and not with the look in his eyes. secrets of the past were let out into the open. the fear and thought that they would have never seen eachother dawned on them as they found this day to be a blessing in a way. sure nothing was certin, but even if all failed in the end, they would still have the truth they gave one another. and the company of a new band of friends that was slowley growing to a safe number.

With these new friends the group could accomplish so much more than if alone. they wouldent have to hide so much, they could go out and feel safe, they were an army of truth, and together these few would band together and if others come along they will do what none of them could do alone...

They would save the world.

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...and the story continues...

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