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Kaori - The Spy

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Kaori - The Spy
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Gn. Gravedigger - Government Agent
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She was a self-employed spy that worked mostly for high paying private employers. Her missions usually always dealt with officials in the government but she would soon regret the last mission she was called upon to do. She received a mission to spy on the government workings of a secret experimental weapon, and that's all she was told. By the time she got what information she could on the weapon and returned to give it to her employer, she was shocked to find that the weapon had already been released, and on her own country no less.

Her employer never contacted her and she only figured that he or she had been a victim of the spreading disease. Faced with the fact that she too could fall victim she decided to go back and see if she could find more information that could lead to anything even remotedly resembling a cure.


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