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Andon - White Coat

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Andon - White Coat
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Andon Lee Ferdinand

It all happen all so sudden, the plague move faster then any of them thought quickly killing thousand in a few days. It spread like wild fire with a strong breezes driving it through the underbrush, no one was safe from this AIDS like virus they thought as thousand start dropping to there knees, dieing. They tried everything to stop it, yet the simplest answers seem to work the best, unto the birth of the Nevermore Project. Which in simplest of terms was a mass genocide of all the infected, few highly trained agents where give a license to kill at will, putting a end to it as they burn the dead bodies. They where all marked with the Nevermore sign a Raven in flight carrying Death's Scythe, simplified they would kill all the weak so that the strong can survive. Many wore it with pride and did what they had to to save there country and way of life as they knew it. Andon squad was one of the "Oh So Lucky" they were sent to NY by Nevermores, to eliminate the problem that was quick mounting there by any means necessary. Yet his eyes where open to the truth and now he fights back against Nevermore Project and all that wish to stop the truth from reaching the world. He can't understand why after all this time he has not been over come by the sickness himself.


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